Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites - Last Day of School!

Schooooools...Out...For....Summer!  Am I the only one who has to sing that when I read it?  Today is the last day of school for my kids and everyone is super excited.  Here are some of my favorites from the week.  


My kids were both blessed with amazing teachers this year so of course we wanted to do a little something to say thank you.  I found this printable on Pinterest and thought it would be a nice surprise for Carly to fill it out and give it to her teachers today.
And of course who doesn't love Sonic drinks so we also used this printable and attached Sonic gift cards to thank all the kids teachers today.  This was super easy!


Look how much my babies have grown?!!  I love taking first and last day of school pictures to see how much they have changed and boy was there some big changes this year!!  


Of course end of school wouldn't be a celebration without a moms night out to dish a little over the excitement of long summer days with no schedule!  Love getting together with these girls.  


Absolutely nothing to do with the last day of school except that we will be leaving after early release today to head to Fort Worth to watch TCU play in their first regional game.  Hoping for a winning weekend.  Yesterday it was announced that Riley and two of his teammates were named to the 2nd team of the Louisville Slugger All American.  Super proud of these three boys and it's been so much fun watching them the past three years.  

Please keep Texas in your prayers!  There is still risk of flooding in so many areas including my hometown of Wharton and more rain is currently in the forecast.  The stories of those who have lost their lives has just been heartbreaking.

Have a super weekend!  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mix and Match Style - Work to Play

Many days I'm rushing in from work and quickly off to drop one of the Littles to some sort of practice or social event.  I love when I find an outfit that makes an easy transition from the office to the evening hours quickly.  
Summer Style
Skirt similar||White Tee similar||Cardigan similar
I picked up this fun skirt from J. Crew Factory but as always my biggest struggle is pulling an outfit together with other items already in my closet.  I grabbed the t-shirt and cardigan first thing this morning but it was just missing something.  I finally grabbed the necklace and it really pulled it all together.  
Summer Style
Spring 2016 version here
 If you are looking for a great neutral wedge, these VanEli cork wedges are perfect.  They are a little pricier than what I normally buy but I bought a similar pair a few years back and wore them for two years so they were definitely worth the money.   Super comfortable!  For those of you in the College Station or Brenham area you may find these at Tres Chic Boutique if they have not sold out.   
Summer Style
 I purchased these J. Crew Factory patterned shorts awhile back so they are no longer available but here is a similar pair.  I love patterned shorts and it was so easy to swap my skirt, add some sandals to transition for the evening.   
Summer Style
 This Halogen V-neck t-shirt has become a fast favorite.  It is so soft and hangs just perfectly.  It is a little slouchy but still looks pulled together.  
Summer Style
Aren't these leopard sandals adorable?  I would love to provide you a link but these babies came all the way from Greece and are handmade!  One of my very dearest friends just got back from a trip overseas and I am so very lucky she speaks my love language!  I'm totally in love with these shoes.  
Summer Style

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What's Up Wednesday {May}

I'm linking up with MelShay for What's up Wednesday and dying over the Bachelorette recap at Pinterest Told Me To!  Here is a little of what we are up to!  

What We're Eating This Week.....

I stopped by to drop something at a friends house on Monday and she was making the most amazing Rueben sandwiches and I instantly had a craving.  I picked up corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut and for lunch today I warmed it up in a skillet and devoured it.  No bread or Russian dressing but it was still yummy.  
Roasted veggies are our favorite so I tossed red potatoes and broccoli with some rosemary and olive oil and popped in the oven.  I cooked hamburger patties with onions and mushrooms on the stove and we had a quick but delicious dinner! 

What I'm Reminiscing About.....

Summer nights when I was growing up!  We would ride our bikes until it was almost dark and then all gather in someone's yard and catch fireflies until our parents finally made us come in.  My brother and I would sleep in the same room during the summer and stay up half the night watching movies on TV.  Love summer nights!  

What I'm Loving.....

We have had so much rain in Texas and while I'm totally over it raining every day I am loving how green the grass is and how vibrant the flowers are.  I am also loving my new camera lens!  I was ready to add a new lens to my arsenal. The Tamron 28-75mm was recommended and I am having so much fun with it.  Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do and I haven't had the chance for awhile.  

What We've Been Up To.....

We enjoyed a reprieve from baseball on Sunday and were able to take a short drive out to the country to fish a little.  It was a nice little break from reality and some quality family time.   You can read A Reel Fun Day to see all our fun pictures!

What I'm Dreading.....

Hmm....I'm not really dreading anything in particular right now.  Maybe just the unknown? There could be some changes on the horizon for our family in several areas.  I don't typically hesitate to make decisions but sometimes big ones can be scary and it would just be easier to stay put.  I'm trying to be open minded and open my heart to the direction God wants me to go.  

What I'm Working On.....

I've been wanting to repaint this old chest from my grandmother's house to use in our {bedroom} for a little extra storage and to hold our TV.  I finally was able to grab a can of Annie Sloan chalk paint and got to town painting on Monday.  I still need to add the wax coat and either buy updated knobs or spray paint the old hardware to update it but I'm pretty excited.  

What I'm Excited About.....

End of school!!  Only 2 1/2 more days and we are free of a schedule for a few months.  Playing outside until the sun goes down, dinners on the patio, late night runs for ice cream...bring it on.  I know come August I will be ready for a schedule again but I'm so excited about the down time.  Yesterday I posted about how I'm hoping to make this a Not so Bummer Summer!

What I'm Watching/Reading.....

I needed a quick and easy read this month and finally downloaded Bossypants by Tina Fey.  So far I'm loving it.   

What I'm Listening To.....

I don't know if it is because of all the end of school crazy coupled with my busiest time at work and adding to it college baseball playoffs but I've felt a little bit unsettled.  Listening to our local Christian radio station while I'm in the car just seems to help me react more kindly to situations and feel more peaceful.  I've definitely had Peace 107 on nonstop the past week.  

What I'm Wearing.....

I finally broke down and purchased a blue jean vest and I'm loving it!  And who doesn't love a maxi skirt for those days when you just don't have time to get those legs ready for shorts or a shorter skirt?
Summer Casual

What I'm Doing This Weekend.....

Heading to Fort Worth for the first round on the Road to Omaha!  Hoping for a couple of BIG wins by the Horned Frogs.  #ToadtoOmaha

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month.....

Vacation!  While I do not know for sure where I might be going yet due to baseball, I do know I will be taking a week off from work and we will be going to do something fun!  

What Else is New.....

Y' is all pretty much the same old same old around here.  Baseball, rain, end of school celebrations and work.  You can follow along with our daily adventures on Instagram.  

What We Love to Grill in June.....

We grill a lot and mostly we grill #allthemeat!  Gas grills are great for cooking outside but we have only had a charcoal grill for years so when we get the fire going we definitely make the most of it and typically grill enough to last most of the week.  I love for Keith to make bacon wrapped shrimp and I'm sure they will make an appearance when we have a free weekend.  I am thinking we may just have to try Shay's Grilled Pizza one night too!    

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Wishing you all a super day!  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Not So Bummer Summer

So the past few years I have sat down with my kids and made a list of things they wanted to do over the summer.  I even typed up the list complete with check boxes and posted on the most used door in our kitchen so it was visible for all of us to see.  I have quickly found that my family is just not a list making kind of family.  I end up feeling like a sucky mom and at the end of the summer my kids are always like "we barely did anything on our list".    

Last week I ran across this amazingly insightful blog post by Melissa Blair and was able to relate completely.  She is a genius and may have just saved me from myself this summer!  I decided to choose a few categories and made some fun signs in Pic Monkey that I added to a larger poster board.  This will be posted on the door and instead of starting with a list we will add to the board as we go.  The kids agreed this was much more our style....we will see by summers end if it truly is because..hey..there is still the part where we have to remember to write the stuff down!    
This is pretty self explanatory!  Memories can be big or small and can happen every single day at home or on some fun adventure.  Some of our very favorite memories happen at home and are just some silly or absent minded thing one of us may do.  
We love our friends and are lucky to have close ones who enjoy some of the same activities.  We will be hoping for lots of swimming, baking, sewing, summer camps, arts & crafts, sports to enjoy with our friends this summer! 
We definitely want to go places!  It is so hard to plan for anything until baseball is officially over.  We will more than likely have one big, out of state trip and/or several shorter weekend trips somewhere in Texas.  This state is so big and there are so many things to do and see nearby.  We also like to explore and find some adventure right here in our own backyard of Bryan/College Station by visiting parks, downtown, museums and other places we don't typically frequent.  
We love making cookies and cupcakes but my hips are not so forgiving these days.  By baking some blessings for others we can enjoy time in the kitchen baking together and sample a few but then bless someone else.  We ditch the calories and fill our hearts instead of our tummies!  Along with blessing others we will look for opportunities to volunteer in the community.  
We eat out during the year but it seems like over the summer the treats become a little bigger deal.  Late night runs for ice cream or snow cones after the pool are special summer treats.  We will also try some new restaurants while the students are gone and it's easier to dine without the crowds.  
Lastly, on those days when "I'm bored" seems to be on repeat, I will take a finger and point to this one!  Get out and find some JOY in every's there for the taking you just have to be willing to open your eyes and find it.  Maybe we will have a hula hoop challenge, maybe we will shoot some hoops or maybe we will find some music and have a dance party.   Maybe...just maybe we will just learn to be JOYFUL about having nothing to do!  

I'm hoping by the end of the summer we will have our board completely full of things we did and we can look back and realize our summer wasn't a bummer after all. 

  While I'm not making a set list, every mom can use some creative ideas!  You can visit my friend Holly's post here for some great summer printables and bucket list ideas.  

Or you can see my Summer Fun Pinterest board here where I've been pinning ideas for things to do every day as well as some bucket list ideas for Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth.   

For a fun little staycation idea your kids can get excited about, visit my Spring Break post with a little ABC adventure that can be done just about anywhere anytime.  

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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Reel Fun Day

Today I am feeling grateful for a beautiful day with not a thing on our to do list but to live for the day.    The four of us have not had a lot of down time to just hang out together for a really long time so there was no complaining when we packed up the car and headed for the country.  
We were grateful the clouds only threatened and all rain stayed clear.  
We were grateful for rain boots so we could stomp around the lake and keep up with the boys.  
So grateful for this boy and his love for the outdoors.  I hope his love for fishing and hunting will always be a refuge for him as he gets older and is needing to destress or reconnect with God.  
I am grateful that his dad has taken such great care to teach him how to respect nature and enjoy it to the fullest.  
I'm grateful that this girl has a daddy that thinks she hung the moon and is so excited when she shows an interest in fishing.  Today she said "I'm just so happy they actually asked us to join them". 
 I love that big fish eating grin!  
We are so grateful to have this guy bait our hooks and take the fishies off the hook for us even though we are NOT those kind of girly girls and could totally do it ourselves.  
 As easy as it is to be over the rain after the days on end we have had, it's hard not to be grateful for the beauty the rain has brought.  The colors of the flowers and the grass seem so much more vibrant than they have in awhile.  
 I love taking photos but have not really had the opportunity to just get out and shoot in awhile so I am feeling grateful for the time I had to stomp around and shoot today.  

This water filled lily pad was my favorite nature shot today.  
 This was Dutch Buddy's first trip to the lake and he was not afraid to jump in and do some exploring.  
So grateful for this little stinker and the joy he has brought to my life!  
Grateful for the afternoon sunshine and for this girl that brings so much sunshine to our lives every single day.  

Grateful for this day away from the crazy life we lead sometimes.  It was quiet and peaceful and just what we needed.  

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Queen's Chronicles - Week 21

Well....this week was definitely not as we expected but we managed to find lots of fun along the way!  

Day #138

Monday night Carly received the badges she earned during the past few months in Brownies.  She was so blessed to have such a caring troop leader who did a great job organizing activities for this troops first year.  

Day #139

Carly reluctantly modeled one of her new outfits for me before we started packing for the Big XII tourney. 

Day #140

We left College Station at 5:30 am and after one speeding ticket, one emergency stop on the side of the road to potty and one illegal u-turn on the turnpike, we arrived to watch the Horned Frogs lose game one.  This is definitely a look of frustration.  It is always hard to watch a team lose but when your child is on the mound and you know they are having a bad day it is just heart wrenching.  He is still my favorite!  

Day #141

The next day was no better and we watched the Horned Frogs drop game two first thing in the morning.  No rest for the weary....we fed this boy and then hugged his neck and jumped in the car to head back to College Station.  

Day #142

Sometimes you just need to be with your family even if it is only for a few hours.  So many prayers for these brothers.  There may be 8 years between them but I know there is so much love and respect. And gosh...they are pretty darn handsome too! 

Day #143

Carly was so excited to have a swim party to attend on Saturday since we were not even at the hotel long enough for a dip in the pool!  The sun actually came out for a few hours before it started raining again.   
We joined her Girl Scout troop for a bowling party Saturday night while Dillon & Keith were still in Houston waiting on baseball.  Dillon played at 10am and was suppose to play again at 12:30....ended up not playing until 9pm.  Baseball's a little crazy!  

Day #144

 It rained heavily before 9am and after that the sky threatened and there were a few sprinkles but after church we decided to take our chances and head out for some fishing.  It turned out to be a perfect afternoon and the fish were small but biting!  

Wishing you all a super week!  Only 3 1/2 days of school left for my kidos....we are on the final countdown!

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