Monday, September 29, 2014

It's a Monday Favorite Things Party!

It's a Favorite Things Party with Erika and Andrea.  

I found this candle on sale for $4 at Kohls this weekend.  As much as I love all the smells of Fall my nose just does not react well to very strong cinnamon smells and they give me a headache.  I have tons of candles and Scentsy bars that I've purchased and they sit on a shelf.  I found this Pumpkin Spiced Pie candle and it is so perfect.  I burned this candle all weekend and the scent was perfect and my husband didn't even complain!  

And since I was into Pumpkin Spice I also purchased these Oreos!  I am not a huge store bought cookies person but I thought I would take a chance on these.  If you like all things pumpking then you definitely want to rush right out and try these.  

Here is a throwback favorite....if you were into these cereals when you were young, Target currently has all flavors stocked with the Halloween items.  I didn't purchase any but stood there contemplating and remembering how much I loved some Count Chocula....or was it just the commercials I loved?

Monday brings with it middle school football and I couldn't even buy a smile for $10....but I still love this handsome face! Watching my kids have fun doing things they love is definitely one of my Favorite Things!  

Hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Random Friday Favorites

Better late than never for Friday Favorites link up with AndreaErika, and Narci.

This man right here definitely makes it onto the Friday Favorite wall today.  He commutes almost 2 hours one way every day to work and yesterday he actually drove to Midland and back as well.  He has sacrificed the past 11 years driving back and forth so that my bigs could be close to their dad and I could continue to work at a job that I love.  Never once has he complained about this decision and he always greets me with a kiss and does not bring any work home with him.  After his long week he still came home tonight and grilled up dinner.   He's a keeper for sure.  
That brings me to another new fave. Have you notice in the past several years that the chicken breast in the store are giant?  I mean I think I would be afraid if I ran across a chicken with that sized breast!!  We had really stopped purchasing often as they always seemed tough and the flavor just wasn't too great.  Recently I found these chicken breasts at Sam's club and chicken is back on the menu!  The size is perfect, the flavor has been great and I love that they come in 2-3 breast packages.

He grilled up chicken and pork chops and now we don't have to cook again all weekend!  That for sure is a Friday favorite.  
Finally this fun scarf arrived this week and bonus I paid for it with my Nordstrom's reward dollars from the big anniversary sale this summer!  Cute and free!  This outfit was super easy but still looked pulled together.  
My exact scarf is sold out but some other options can be found here and here
I love, love these MK moccassins but only limited sizes remaining here or similar here
Kendra Scott earrings style here
Leopard belt here

Enjoy your weekend!  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Closet to Fall for!

Hill Collection
I'm refreshing this past post to participate in the Every Girl Link up!  Here are my tips to having an organized closet!

After every Texas summer I am always just sitting around anticipating that first cool front that has a big enough kick to inspire me to change my closet from summer to fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love Texas summers but by mid September I'm ready for a change in temperature and clothing options.  So this week the temps are dipping into the lower 60's and the humidity is low so it feels amazing and I even needed a light jacket one morning which was enough to get me motivated.  

We have a decent size closet in which I occupy about 2/3 and the hubs has his wardrobe taking up the rest of the precious real estate.  We had dressers built into the closet about a year ago and that has been such a great addition.  No more running back and forth from the closet to the bedroom to grab items from the dresser.

In order to utilize all of the closet space and have the most hanging space, I store the off season clothes in the extra large ziploc storage bags.  Besides the fact that it's gives me a thrill to suck all the air out of that bag and see if shrink to a quarter of the size, it's a great way to stash the clothes away without worrying they will be ruined.  My husband loves when I pull all these bags down to change seasons....I typically choose some random Tuesday and start before he gets home, break for dinner and then can't possibly sleep until it is completed. I really should have taken the picture during the chaos but you can see the bags on the top shelf.  Cute boxes would definitely be more aesthetically pleasing but I've used boxes before and frankly, I can just fit way more up there this way.
The first thing I do is go through all the clothes in the closet and take all summer items off the hangers and fold into a pile for storage and a pile to donate.  I then pull down the ziploc bags and pull out the fall-ish items.  In Texas it will be December at the earliest before a heavy sweater even crosses my mind so for now they remain in the bags.  

Now....after being basically shrink wrapped for the past 6 months, the majority of these clothes go straight to the cleaners.  I'd like to say this is because all the clothes are dry clean only but the fact is I really just hate ironing.   So let's pretend a day has passed and the clothes have returned from the cleaners....I would then begin hanging the clothes on my hangers.  One thing that can make me want to scratch my eyes out is seeing an entire row of uniform hangers and BAM a wire hanger.  I use these huggable hangers from Bed, Bath & Beyond or  these huggable hangers from Target.  They now come in other fun colors too...mine are all black.  

If there are items that I like but do not absolute love, or that I may have "outgrown" due to increased muscle mass of course, I hang the item backwards on the rack.  I learned this trick years ago after reading the book It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh.  If you have trouble with clutter or especially letting go of things that may have some sort of sentimental meaning you definitely should read this book!  Life changing I tell ya.  You can see in the picture below there are several dresses with hangers that are flipped backwards. If I wear the item and feel great in it, I turn the hanger back around. A hanger still hanging backwards by the end of the season means the item comes off the hanger and straight into the donation pile.  Does this always work?  I'd like to say 100% full proof but if I'm being honest there have been several items that have stuck around in hopes of smaller hips in the future.  

I hang my dresses by length and sleeve length and then my dress pants all along the same wall.   I have dividers on the shelf above for sweaters and t-shirts.  
My jackets are all hung together followed by my tops organized first by sleeve length and then by color.  Shorts, skirts and sleeveless tops are hung below.  My every day tanks are actually rolled and organized in a drawer. 
After having our dressers built in, I worked on organizing my accessories.  I definitely have gotten much more wear from them after having them out and easily accessible.  I'm still not sure this is the best fit but it's working right now.  
I found this sign at Pier 1 last year and it is such a great reminder to see the beauty in every day.  
And I love this little ring stand that Carly Jo purchased at her school holiday shop a few years back.
My closet is fall ready and it's been fun putting together new outfits this week!  How do you transition your closet from season to season?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Carly Jo!

This morning I am waking up so much more relaxed (and 45lbs lighter) than I did 9 years ago.  Hurricane Rita was threatening the Texas coast, my mom and grandmother were making their way to College Station and I had been having contractions for hours.  Today is all about this spunky little girl, Carly Jo, who snuck right in and stole my heart on a Thursday night right in the middle of an Aggie football game.  
Carly is a kind, loving and friendly girl who also likes to be in charge at home.  She loves her family and her friends fiercely and is always busy.  I can hardly believe my baby girl is 9! 
When Carly told me she wanted to have a slumber party I was reaching for the brown paper bag overjoyed.  It has been 12 years, to be exact, since I have hosted a slumber party.  In those days there was no Pinterest to give you great ideas nor was there all the social media for you to share the play by play of the party......much less pressure!  The invitations were usually hand written on a store bought invite and the girls played games and ate a cake possibly made by me.  I was a single mom with much fewer resources in a 1300 square foot duplex but the girls all stayed up all night giggling and playing "stiff as a board, light as a feather" (I think once they even made me participate).   Good times, good times.....

So...back to the present and Carly Jo's slumber party.  When I'm planning her party, the first thing I have to have is a theme to work with.  I began searching Pinterest and pinning slumber party ideas that were all super cute but just not exactly what I was looking for.  Something made me think about a Night Owl...and our theme was born (after I cleared with Carly first of course). 

I would love to first show you the adorable Night Owl invitation I created....sadly after slaving over a design waiting so late there was no way to mail an invitation, I seriously did this.  Yep...I'm THAT mom and I'm okay with it.  
I forwarded ideas for the cake to the "cake lady" and she came up with this adorable cake! 
I looked around Pinterest as well for "Owl Parties" and found some cute wording to use on my memo board.  I added some flowers from HEB and a tablecloth from Hobby Lobby and that was pretty much the extent of the decorations.  
I knew the girls would mostly want to play with their American Girls and run around but I thought having a craft would be fun.  I found this cute owl made from scrapbook paper that even included a downloadable template and our craft was born.  
I painted the canvases blue ahead of time and had the scraps available.  Thankfully Aunt Amy and Mimi, aka the Modge Podge experts, were on hand to give some direction.  
The girls watched a movie....and were adamant that it could NOT contain princesses or make them teary eyed.  They chose Bedtime Stories and ate popcorn and trail mix while they giggled alot.  I finally turned in about 11:15 and I'm not sure how much later they stayed up but they were up and raring to go at 7:30 Saturday morning.  I made breakfast super bought donuts, cereal, strawberries and grapes. 
How cute are these cups?!!  I paid way too much for them and I am sure they will be 50% off this week at Hobby Lobby but they were perfect! 
The girls had a great time and I was super pleased that Carly was so happy having her friends over.  
Birthday parties do not have to be stressful.....pick a theme and pull together some simple decorations.  The kids don't even notice and the biggest thing to provide is a fun atmosphere....and that can happen anywhere!  

Happy Birthday Carly Jo! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites - Feeling the Green

It's time for Friday Favorites with AndreaErika and Narci.  


My very favorite thing this week was finding out that McDonalds was serving a FREE small McCafe coffee through September 29th!  I started drinking McDonalds coffee about 12 years ago and it is my very favorite coffee to go.  I like many, many Starbucks drinks but if I'm looking for just a good cup of black coffee this is my go to.  Go get ya some....I'm lovin' it!

And these two items arrived this week and quickly made it onto my favorites list!

I have been searching for a green cardigan since last fall and until now have come up empty handed.  Who knew it would be so tough to find the perfect green?  J. Crew Factory was having a sale and as I was browsing I found this cardigan and checked my monthly clothing allowance immediately added it to my shopping cart!  Plus since I'm getting my coffee for FREE I have some extra $$ right?  Gotta love girl math!  It arrived yesterday and y' is the PERFECT green!  

Cardigan here and you can use the code SALE30 for an extra 30% off.  Lots of super colors to choose from!  I don't know about you but a cardigan this time of year can really help me transition to fall.  I think I'm going to order the pink today!  I ordered both a medium and a large since this was my first time trying a J. Crew cardigan and I ended up keeping the large.

I paired my cardigan with this cute top.  I have this top in several colors and I love it because it can easily be dressed up for work or worn with jeans or shorts.  I have several different styles from this brand and I love them all.

You can find this top at Nordstroms here and it is also on sale.  If you search Pleione you will see all the tops by this brand including the faux wrap blouse I featured a few weeks back.  

I put these two together with my Vigoss boyfriend jeans, similar here and my leopard flats I purchased last year at Target.  Link here for a similar pair.  

Happy Friday Y'all!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Military & Mascara

Welcome to Two for Tuesday!  I'm sharing two of my favorite things right now; military jackets and Younique mascara.
I never owned a military jacket until last fall and never thought I needed one until Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To convinced me last fall that I did in fact need one.  She was totally right!  I wore my military jacket at least 2 times a week from the time I received it until it was too warm to wear.  Over the summer I purchased another lighter weight jacket that I have been able to wear in the summer and early fall as well.  Here are just a few examples to show you why a military jacket should be in your closet! 

Source top left here//top right here//bottom left here//bottom middle here//bottom right here

This is why I love Pinterest...I am outfit challenged and often have a tough time putting together an outfit on my own!  I love all of these combos and had most of these items in my closet in some form or fashion.  Here is what I came up with.  

This will much be seen often this fall....just too easy and comfortable! I never think of wearing my Old Gringos with my leggings but I will be trying this look for sure.   

In Texas shorts can be an option into the fall and this will make a cute date night outfit.  

I would have never put this shirt with my military jacket before seeing these outfit inspirations but you can bet you will see me wearing this combo as well!  

My jacket is from last year but here are some other military jacket options I love! 
On sale here

Loft here

or another option from Loft here

Next up is this Younique mascara.  My sister-in-law introduced it to me about a month ago and I finally purchased some for myself.  It is basically tiny fibers that you add to your own lashes to enhance them before sealing with a gel.  It has been fun experimenting.  

Here is a quick look at my eyes with no mascara, regular mascara and then the Younique mascara.  

If you are interested in trying this for yourself you can check it out here

That's my Two for Tuesday!  Hope you have  great day! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Queen's Chronicles

Have you ever had a week that flew by so quickly you did not even realize how much you did? Yep...that was my week!  What is it with time seeming to pass faster and faster the older I get!  

My week started with watching Dillon suit up for the first time in a Cougar uniform for a football scrimmage. He was so excited and even caught a pass!  I'm excited about watching these boys play this year.  

Tuesday morning started with a nervous breakdown opportunity for me to use my problem solving skills at work!  It was a really, really long morning but then my boss showed up with this amazing strawberry tart from Cafe Eccell.  I think I speak for most of Bryan/College Station when I say we are all excited to see this restaurant back was serious tart withdrawal around here.  I may or may not have eaten every bite AND licked the bowl....but there are no witnesses.  
On Wednesday I received new skinny jeans just in time for fall from Burlap & Pearls and on the same day this new chambray tunic showed up from Loft!  That made it easy to throw these together for an outfit.  I definitely see myself wearing this with my cognac boots or leopard flats and a scarf this fall. 
This tunic is sold out but an option from J. Crew Factory can be found here and I also think I will be trying these with my navy gingham shirt here

Thursday was our typical day of running from work to pitching lessons and fitting in homework.  I failed to meal plan for Thursday so I scrambled (no pun intended) up Mix and Match Mama's  breakfast casserole which can be found here.  I never receive any complaints about breakfast for dinner at my house so it was a win all the way around! 

And I have been missing out on morning runs with my friends but I logged 3 miles thanks to my new music.  I cannot wait until the cooler weather is here to stay...lots of sweating going on here.  
Friday I missed out on spending time with dear friends because I was not feeling 100% and needed to rest up before hitting the road on Saturday for Fort Worth.  I had been looking forward to Saturday ALL WEEK LONG just to see this boys face and have one of his giant hugs.  
Carly and I had fun making our way through Frog Alley to find Riley's girlfriend, Brooke, who is a TCU cheerleader!  Isn't she adorable?!  
We skipped out on the game and headed to the mall to look for a few new fall outfits.  Jessica Simpson has a new line of little girls clothes (at least it's new to me!) and we found this dress that Carly just had to have.  
We spent Sunday grocery shopping and stocking up my boys pantry and freezer.  It takes a lot to feed boys and when you are in college the easiest option is dining out but that is not in the budget.  I have been proud of Riley for being interested in making meals at home.  
3 boys live here....and we just took up 2 shelves in the pantry.  
And since he does not like raisins which is in most prepackaged trail mix, I mixed him up some trail mix and put it into snack size packages for a quick grab and go.  
We had a quick lunch and then it was time to say goodbye....goodbyes are still hard.  I miss this kid like crazy but am so happy he found a college that feels like a home away from home.  Disclaimer....I made the trip with no eye makeup...and he is really not hating the selfie he is just so sad I'm leaving! 
We got home and my other baby was so happy to see me!  I seriously cannot believe I am allowing this....I am really not a dog person.  
Hoping you all have a super week!  

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