Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 11th Carly Jo

The years continue to fly by and my youngest turns 11 today!  For some reason this year hasn't seemed as crazy fast as others.  Maybe it's because she didn't change quite as much as she has in some years or maybe it's because I'm just holding on to ever second since she's the last one who wants to actually still hang out with me!  Here is a little look back at Carly Jo through the years! 
Note to moms out there:  always, always get a picture of your child by themselves on their birthday! Year number nine I totally failed at this!  I may have been a little overwhelmed by her first slumber party
Last year turning Double Digits was such a big deal!  She is almost always this happy and full of life. She definitely teaches me to see the joy in the little things.  
She opted for a Girls Getaway instead of a party this year, but we still met up with family and the McBerty's for dinner last night to celebrate. Here we are with our almost 11 year old girl on birthday eve! 
I have spent lots and lots on updating her room into something more fitting for an 11 year old but I still wanted her to have something fun to open.  Y'all, this created a full on dance party in our kitchen last night and she was over the moon excited to add it to her room.  

This girl rounded out our family perfectly.  She is kind and caring for others and she loves her family fiercely.  I'm always catching her writing a little something about her siblings and it always warms my heart to see just how much love she can actually fit in that little heart of hers.  Here are the things she is loving this year!  

Carly's Favorite Things
Color - Blue
Activity - Dance
Food - Pasta
Subject - Math
Song - Can't Stop the Feeling
Catch Phrase - Cut it out
TV Show - The Thundermans

Happy 11th birthday my princess!  I hope you stay as sweet and loving as you are right now forever and always.  You are smart and witty and I just love our little conversations.  I hope you continue to be willing to hang out with me and hold my hand even when it's not cool.  


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! And, how smart is she for opting for a getaway over a party! That's my kind of girl!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Enjoy your day!

  3. My daughter is 11 too! Happy birthday!

  4. It's such a sweet age isn't it Dara? Kind of the calm before the storm. Ha!

  5. Me too! Of course I think she has just about broken the bank this year!

  6. Happy Birthday Carly Jo! I love how you captured all her birthdays in a collage! Every age has its own magic, but I have to say 11 was one of my favorites for Grace. All of the enthusiasm and none of the angst! Hope she had a super special day!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I hope she had the best day!


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