Sunday, September 25, 2016

Minted Home Review

Gallery Wall - Art
This blog has received some items in this post from Minted.  All opinions are my own as well as layout and design choices.  

One area I typically struggle with is filling up the wall space in my home.  It's not that I don't know what I like once I see it, but finding the perfect item typically leaves me feeling frustrated.  After taking over a year for all the pieces to fall into place for our bathroom remodel, I was left with a blank wall and only one idea.  
Gallery Wall - Art
Back in 2009 we took a family vacation to Destin and I hired a photographer to take some family photos and for some time I have entertained a canvas of our family jumping on the beach on this wall.  Of course I could never decide how big it should be or what else might work along with it so this was the perfect opportunity to force a decision.  
Gallery Wall - Art
I headed to the Minted website and straight to the Minted Art section.  If you have ever gone to search it can be super overwhelming as there are lots of options to choose from.  Minted knows this decision is not easy for everyone and has filters such as style, shape, color to choose from.  Since our family photo was on the beach I decided to take a chance and choose "beach" as the filter.  
Gallery Wall - Art
My eye just kept traveling back to the colorful abstract and I knew it would blend with the colors in our family photo. Adding to my cart was easy, but now to decide the size and frame.  
Gallery Wall - Art
Minted has that covered to.  If you are a visual person like I am, this site definitely makes things so much easier to visualize the piece in your home.  Not only can you choose from a wide selection of frames and see exactly how it will look with your piece, you also gain perspective on the size of the photo both held by a real person and on the wall of a room.   As you change the size these photos also change.  This was huge for me as I was able to measure my space and determine the sizing I needed.  
Gallery Wall - Art
Minted also has a home section with items such as this beautiful art shelf.  I fell in love with the detailing and decided it would be the perfect addition to the gallery wall.
Starfish are a favorite of mine and I really loved the way this blue popped against the white. The Blue Star Fish piece from Minted worked perfectly with the other items.   
Galler Wall - Art
Our family canvas was ordered from Photo Bucket and I love having this happy moment as one of the first things I see each day!   My friend Holly found this "J" for me at our local Michaels and I picked up this topiary and succulent at Target to complete the look.  
Gallery Wall - Art
A finished look at the completed space.  I love the way this turned out and so happy to have something besides the blank wall to look at each morning.  

I am so happy with my first Minted experience.  While the artwork was a little more expensive than I would have paid to pick up something at Hobby Lobby, the quality is also much higher.  If you are looking to update a space and want a more professional look, I would definitely recommend working with Minted.  The shipping was also very prompt and all the necessary tools I needed to hang these pieces was included. There was even a teeny little level which was so helpful.  

Have you worked with Minted Art or Minted Home?  Carly's room is still needing a few finishing touches and I may be headed back to Minted Home for curtains.  

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Outfit Spin - Blogtember #24

I'm sure you guys can guess today's prompt to recreate and outfit (or project) of another blogger is definitely one of my favorites of the Blogtember Challenge!  Looking at other fashion bloggers post and seeing outfits has totally changed the way I view my closet.  I was previously pretty one dimensional when it came to fashion.  Matchy, matchy and outfits only worn exactly as they were purchased in the store were pretty much my norm.  I shopped at places like Ann Taylor and White House Black Market fairly consistently because the outfits were all paired up.  Cassie at Hi Sugarplum and Carylee at More Pieces of Me were two of the very first bloggers I began following who really helped me to think outside my little box.  My closet grew so much and I often choose to ditch those one dimensional items first when cleaning out my closet.  

Okay...enough about that and back to the challenge!  I decided to take a look at Carylee's blog to see what she's been up to.  I follow her so much on snapchat and Instagram I sometimes forget to stop by and look through her blog.  

Here is what I found first.  I knew immediately after seeing this how I could recreate the look with pieces from my own closet.  
Fall Style
This BP scarf was one of my fave purchases last winter and I was super excited to pull it out again. Lucky for you it's still in stock!  The colors are perfect for this time of year and while it is large it is a lighter weight and doesn't feel quite so bulky.
Until seeing Carylee's post I would have never considered this scarf with this dress.  Sometimes layering the same colors on top of one another works well.  I've shown off this swing dress here and I also have it in an orange pattern and blue and black stripe.  You can find the colors still available here.  I seriously have gotten my money's worth form this little dress and really feel it is an item I can wear 3/4 of the year here in Texas.   
Fall Style
Carylee also inspired this outfit back in April.  It's a bit of a stretch for me to add a belt but I gave it a go and it was a fun combo.  She is seriously just so adorable and even though she lives in St. Louis she's a Texan at heart!  A gingham shirt, no matter the color, is perfect layered under a military vest. While I love  my lightweight linen vest, I really am searching for a sturdier one for the cooler months that is a tad longer.  I've had my eye on this one from Pleione for quite some time but may have to try this much cheaper option from Target.  
Fall Style
If you have a hard time thinking outside the box and need a rule to follow, you can follow Cassie's Rule of Three (or sometimes 4).  When I share outfits on Instagram I use the hashtag #thequeenscloset2016 or whatever year is appropriate which makes it so easy to look back and remember combos like this one from last fall.  Now I just need a little cool front so I can recreate it!  

Are you a natural when it comes to pulling together the perfect outfit?  If not who is your favorite go to blogger for outfit inspiration?

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites + Blogtember #23

Yesterday I skipped sharing fall favorites for the Blogtember Challenge because it was my sweet Carly's 11th birthday so of course she deserved a dedicated post!  Today I'm back sharing a favorite family recipe perfect for chocolate lovers.  
My Meme made these chocolate cookies all my life around Christmas.  There is nothing about them that makes them a Christmas cookie in particular but for whatever reason that is the only time she baked these and would package them along with pecan tarts and her sisters divinty for friends and family.  After she passed away I picked up the recipe and her tradition and made it my own by sharing with people during the holiday season.  I really cannot eat just one!  Meme's Chocolate Cookies are bite size pieces of chocolaty goodness and super easy to make.  
****Affiliate links are include which means I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you click on an item and purchase.  ****

On Wednesday I also shared this little Buffalo Plaid shift dress which I definitely had to wear as a top.  I noticed today Target has BOGO 50% off on most clothing, shoes and accessories so I thought I would share a few other picks!  Of course if you still haven't jumped on the animal print fold over clutch, you should definitely head over to Gray Monroe and pick one up for yourself!  
My friend Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine showcased this sweet little boho dress a few weeks back. I just love the fun color and print.  Seriously, how fun is the pattern play on the cuffs of this plaid shirt dress?  I saw this little floral midi in the store and I really think it deserves a chance!  Carly Jo was not impressed but I think it has lots of potential.  
I also ordered the animal print shirt dress and it was a cute fit but I did end up returning simply because I did not feel I needed it in my closet. This dress is the same as the floral print below and I'm kind of wishing I had ordered the floral instead!  
How fun is this floral print dress for fall?  I'm loving the way this dress has been styled with booties too.  A great Chambray Dress can be dressed so many different ways.  Add a jacket, booties, heels, tall boots and you instantly change up the look.  This last little shift dress has such a fun pattern and I am loving teal.   
I've had this dress for several years but this week I topped it with a leopard infinity scarf and my new favorite sandals for fall.  I loved the way it turned out.
Not sure if you gals remember this Little Knot + Polka Dot post but this Lush top is on sale again in both the olive and the orange in most sizes.  I love this top and actually think I may have ruined my green one so I may have to snag another!

Have you shopped Target recently?  So many fun goodies to pick from this fall!

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 11th Carly Jo

The years continue to fly by and my youngest turns 11 today!  For some reason this year hasn't seemed as crazy fast as others.  Maybe it's because she didn't change quite as much as she has in some years or maybe it's because I'm just holding on to ever second since she's the last one who wants to actually still hang out with me!  Here is a little look back at Carly Jo through the years! 
Note to moms out there:  always, always get a picture of your child by themselves on their birthday! Year number nine I totally failed at this!  I may have been a little overwhelmed by her first slumber party
Last year turning Double Digits was such a big deal!  She is almost always this happy and full of life. She definitely teaches me to see the joy in the little things.  
She opted for a Girls Getaway instead of a party this year, but we still met up with family and the McBerty's for dinner last night to celebrate. Here we are with our almost 11 year old girl on birthday eve! 
I have spent lots and lots on updating her room into something more fitting for an 11 year old but I still wanted her to have something fun to open.  Y'all, this created a full on dance party in our kitchen last night and she was over the moon excited to add it to her room.  

This girl rounded out our family perfectly.  She is kind and caring for others and she loves her family fiercely.  I'm always catching her writing a little something about her siblings and it always warms my heart to see just how much love she can actually fit in that little heart of hers.  Here are the things she is loving this year!  

Carly's Favorite Things
Color - Blue
Activity - Dance
Food - Pasta
Subject - Math
Song - Can't Stop the Feeling
Catch Phrase - Cut it out
TV Show - The Thundermans

Happy 11th birthday my princess!  I hope you stay as sweet and loving as you are right now forever and always.  You are smart and witty and I just love our little conversations.  I hope you continue to be willing to hang out with me and hold my hand even when it's not cool.  

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