Friday, December 30, 2016

Favorite Memories 2016

Heading into the last weekend of the year and it is so fun to take a look back at the memories made! I don't know about you but sometimes I do not realize just how much we packed in until I take a walk through pictures!  Here is a look at how 2016 shaped up for our family!  

January always kicks off celebrating Dillon's birthday and this year he turned 14 and spent the day playing basketball with his teammates.  
2016 also saw these two brothers grow closer as they found a common hobby they both love outside of baseball.  
We joined together on a very windy day to take family pictures with my mom.  So glad we captured these photos.
Carly Jo ran her first 5k and we so enjoyed our day together!  
Even though it is so random this was seriously one of my favorite 2016 memories.  Nothing like having your dad teach you to two step. 
We had four days of fun in Orlando for Spring Break to do a little sightseeing and catch up with Riley at spring training.  
We managed to squeeze in two days at Disney World and had a great time thanks to my Disney Dos and Don'ts.  
In Texas bluebonnet pictures are a must!
Girls trip with our besties for some Fort Worth Fun.
I mean where else can you participate in an armadillo race against your bestie?  Our girls thought this was the best.  
Sweet evening attending my nieces first communion.  
And another sweet evening seeing my nephew graduate from college!
Dance recitals are always exciting nights especially when you have your bestie in your class! 
We loved on the newest member of our family, Pesto, who Jordan rescued and we just love her to pieces.  Plus she has given me a trial run on my grandma name. 
Not necessarily a favorite memory but one with an outcome we do love.  Riley had a season ending surgery when an aneurysm was found in his bicep.  Thankful his dad and I can still stand together where our kids are concerned.  
Once he was well enough we flew to California and made the trip back to Texas along Route 66!  
I celebrated my very last day as an elementary school mom!  
A weekend of fishing and relaxing at the coast was long over due in May.  
We celebrated Father's Day between baseball games in San Antonio.  
This guy turned 2 and Carly Jo threw him the best puppy party!  
We enjoyed a road trip to Missouri for a baseball tournament but had so much fun while we were there.  It is beautiful and we really hope to go back again one day!
Baseball is always a really big part of our year and 2016 was no exception.  This kid had some growing to do both physically and mentally and it was fun to see him pull it all together and finish the season on a strong note.  
Even though Jordan lives right here in town we had to put a monthly date on the calendar and be more intentional about getting together.  I loved our date nights!
In August I celebrated the 2 year Blogiversary of the Queen in Between! 
This guy and I celebrated 15 years together and I shared a little walk down memory lane and 15 tips for a stronger marriage.  
The kids favorite time of year is when we drop them off for a week at T Bar M.
We headed to Port Aransas, Texas for a little beach vacation to celebrate the end of summer with our best friends.
Finding a house with room for our pups was a bonus and we had so much fun!  
One last girls getaway to the JW Marriott in San Antonio for an early birthday celebration for Carly. Somehow we have talked these girls into experiences instead of birthday parties and it's been a win for the moms too! 
Hard to believe this kid was ready for high school!  He has really matured the past year.  
This little moms getaway to the JW Marriott in Austin was just what we needed to celebrate surviving the first week of the school year! 
We had a special dinner to celebrate Carly Jo turning 11!  
Dillon and I joined the Young Mens Service League where moms and sons are given the opportunity to serve together among other leadership development.  I enjoyed our time volunteering in 2016. 
We celebrated Jordan's birthday as she gave cheers to 26!  
We also wished a happy 23rd birthday to Riley!  
My birthday was next and I was lucky enough to celebrate by having lunch with these two.  This is 47!  
Great high school season and we love this reminder that while they are rivals on the field they are still united off the field.  
Annual trip through the corn maze for more fall fun!
Loved having all these special people together for Thanksgiving.  
We celebrated this lady turning the big 9-0!  She is still spry and loves to fix herself up.
Keith's mom celebrated a fall birthday too and Carly Jo made her a sunflower cake! 
We took family pictures and this was my favorite!  
We wrapped up 2016 with Christmas memories!  

I saw the quote this year "We were together.....I forget the rest" and it really just resonated with me. There are definitely times when I wish we were taking more vacations or doing more "fun stuff" but in the end when I think about this year the best times were when we were together no matter what we were doing.   Here's to more of forgetting the rest in 2017!  

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Queen's Chronicles - Christmas Memories 2016

Christmas is always my favorite time of year!  The people, the food, the memories and of course the presents!  I'm wrapping up our Christmas memories in todays Queen's Chronicles so hold tight it's a long one.  
Our office lunch was the beginning of the week long splurge as I devoured my main course and this cheesecake topped with apple pie!!
We hooked up for some McJanac fun with our friends the McBerty's for our annual ringing of the bell.
Typically the Salvation Army request a two our commitment so it has worked nicely to split with our besties and have the boys take a shift and the girls take a shift.  The girls typically are a little more festive with some singing and typically they bring in the cash!
In 2016 Jordan and I really tried to have a monthly date night but with our fall birthday marathon we had not hooked up in months.  We splurged and had a fun dinner at a fancy restaurant.
The last little push!  I had quite a few packages waiting for me and had been leaving treats and bottles of water for our delivery guys.  
I did share a special Christmas memory from 1999 which also included the recipe for my Meme's cookies!  
Which we officially made 10 batches of the week leading up to Christmas!  We delivered lots of these goodies to friends and family and may or may not have eaten our share.
Happiness is homemade and I shared a couple more of our favorite recipes like these amazing pecan tarts.  
 Christmas haircuts were on the agenda for both Carly Jo and Dillon as well as eye appointments.  Had Santa known the dough that would be dropped on new glasses there may have been fewer packages!  eek!
I spent a few hours helping this guy finish up his Christmas list.  He may have opened every duck call in Gander Mountain to blow it.
On the 23rd we had dinner at a favorite Mexican food restaurant complete with mariachis and then began a new family tradition.  We headed to Target and everyone, including Keith & I, had $20 to spend purchasing one item for each others stockings.  Y'all, I cannot take credit for this as a friend with older children does this but it was so much fun!  I think we spent 30 minutes opening our stockings one by one and finding out who picked what and why.  My favorite?  Dillon got me a wooden D because "he's my favorite child".  Next year there will be a prize for the person who comes closet to $20 without busting!  Three of us busted but Carly Jo would have gotten the prize this year and I was super impressed with her shopping!  
Christmas eve is always spent with the Janac side of the family.  All who can join together for some food and fun.  
I actually was able to snap a picture with Keith's dad and stepmom which I do not always remember to do!
Fifteen of the twenty-three cousins were present which did include the youngest, Jubilee Joy, who is 5 weeks old.  Dillon is like the little baby whisperer and I'm always happy he's willing to comply when we toss a newborn his way.
William loved Dillon and thought he was hilarious; especially since Dillon was feeding him fruit rollups.

I seriously cannot believe this girl is going to be the big 4-0 in just a few weeks!  I met Heather when she was 20 and then Keith and I introduced her to his cousin and we all got married just a few weeks apart.  Nothing like turning a bestie into kinfolk!
My favorite night when all is calm and all is bright!  Well, kind of....Dutch was not impressed when Santa arrived at midnight and I was a little afraid the entire house had been awakened.
Christmas morning and we really, really tried to take a picture!  First fail, well, we are missing someone in this shot!  
The out takes just got better and better.  Pesto is only yawning in the 1st picture but seeing Riley's reaction in picture two makes it appear otherwise.  He was actually just complaining that his butt hurt sitting on the ground.  In the last picture Jordan is clearly annoyed with the entire process!  
Best we could do this year!  I love this crazy bunch!
On to Kielman Christmas and it was like 80 degrees.  You would think the little kids would be the issue but as you can clearly see it was the big kids, two of MY big kids, who were causing us to take
At least there was some cooperation for a quick picture with Nana.

Christmas 2016...thats a wrap!  Looking forward to one more week of downtime before the kids head back to school and I head back to work.  I'd like to say there will be something productive accomplished but it's very, very doubtful.  

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and wishing you the best in 2017!  
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