Monday, October 31, 2016

The Queen's Chronicles

Happy Halloween!  I love seeing all the kids in their cute little costumes but if I'm being honest, after 24 years of dressing up kids for Halloween I'm so ready to just be done.  Thankfully my friend Holly is still up for it and she totally took care of making the girls costume idea into a reality!  Now I can just come along for our annual trick or treat walk with a glass of wine and no worries.  Sadly it's still hot and muggy here in Texas.  Enough about that though, here's a look at what we've been up to! 
Back to Wharton to grab my Mamaw and head back for a follow up in Sugar Land.  It was a long day but we had a good visit.  She is going to be 90 in December and I'm really seeing her short term memory fade fairly rapidly it seems lately.  She's had a lot of pain in her life losing all three of her children and two husbands already.  The one blessing I can see right now is that the memory loss has seemed to ease her pain a little and I've seen her be a little more joyful. She's also been telling me lots of stories I don't remember hearing before.  
Y'all, this kid.  There are just no words for him sometimes.  He is just always cracking me up or driving me crazy there is no in between.  
Thursday night was quite exciting.  The CSHS Cougars freshman team won district after a super game in which they had to beat both the other team and the officials.  Dillon caught a pass and came down wrong on his knee and that was it for him.  When the game was over the doctor helped him out of his football pants and put him on crutches and my child had no shorts with him. That did not stop him, however, from getting front and center in the picture!  Shaking my head friends.  
Of course as it was for most everyone else, Carly Jo's school had red ribbon week.  Big mom fail as I did not take a picture of any of the days except Friday when she dressed as a purple skittle because she's "too sweet" for drugs.  
Saturday morning I hit the gym for a cardio dance class and was pleasantly surprised by the number of steps I logged in an hour.  This is winning!
I treated my girls to manis and pedis to ready ourselves for our family pictures later that afternoon.
I chose a new dark green and I'm loving it!
Our precious photographer, Sarah, is obviously pregnant!  I was a little stressed at her climbing on and off that little chair.  She has been taking our family pictures since 2010 and thankfully she is from a big family so my kids antics do not phase her!
All Sissy wanted was one serious picture with these boys!  I'm not sure it's possible.
Here is a little outtake from the shoot!  I seriously still cannot believe Dillon.  I seriously could not be happier these 4 are mine.  I cannot wait to get the new shots back to compare to the last few years! It's worth ever bit of hassle to have these pictures to look back on!
Speaking of looking back!!  This popped up in my Timehop on Sunday!  So much fun hearing her story in person two years ago!
These girls had in their mind what they wanted to be for Halloween since August and Holly made it come together.  When we were on our Girls Getaway, the girls were running all around the JW Marriott calling "ca-caw, ca-caw" and that's how we would keep tabs on them.  Thus the idea of being a crow was born!
Little Snow White and her "Crow-tectors".  They were on the way to a Halloween lock-in and a little irritable that we wanted to stop for pumpkin patch pictures.

Here's to hoping you have a day full of treats and few tricks come your way!  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Top 5 Boot Care Tips

Leather Care
**I was provided leather conditioner by King Ranch Saddle Shop in exchange for this product review.  All care was performed by me and all opinions are my own.**
Leather Care
I love my Old Gringo boots but as you can see they had been missing out on some TLC they deserve. When King Ranch contacted me and offered their Top 5 Boot Care Tips along with a sample of their leather conditioner I was just itching to bring them back to life.  
Leather Care
I was very interested in the section to correct any imperfections as there were quite a few scuffs on the toe and heel.  I used the baking soda method as noted and was so impressed with the results.  
Leather Care
Plus, do you love the smell of leather as much as I do?  I may have sniffed the rag more than once as I conditioned this pair of boots.  I also used the conditioner on my tall Frye boots and a pair of leather Ugg tall boots.    
I was so happy to pull an outfit together and let my boots do some walking.  If you have never owned a pair of cowboy boots then know they can be extremely comfortable.  
Leather Care
Here is the finished look after correct some imperfections and conditioning the leather.  Quite an improvement don't you think?
Leather Care
Leather Care
If you or your significant other have boots on your Christmas wishlist, do yourself a favor and check out the quality leather the King Ranch Saddle Shop has to offer.  They offer a selection of both men's and women's leather boots as well as a variety of other items including leather handbags.  The shop is a great place to look for unique gift items for those who may be hard to buy for.  

Do you have a special pair of boots needing some tender loving care? Shop the online shop for the King Ranch leather conditioner or any other items for 20% off with the code KRbootcare16.  

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {October}

Today I'm linking up with ShayMel & Sheaffer for this months What's Up Wednesday!  The questions are in green so check it out and join the fun.  Also joining Jessi and Jenn for What's Hap- "Pinning" Wednesday.  
We love to grill on Sundays and typically prepare enough meat to last several days for lunches and dinner.  This week we grilled chicken breasts and pork chops and I added roasted veggies.  Monday evening I roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes with bacon and I seriously was super excited to have lots leftover for my lunches this week.   I seriously think roasted veggies are just so much more flavorful.  
The President's office on campus had lunch catered for our budget office as a thank you!  Fajitas and all the trimmings were set up and I skipped the tortilla but did not pass on that queso!  So yummy. 
Tuesday night it was beef stew and cornbread which is always a favorite! Only wish it was a little cooler outside.  
Y'all, this popped up on Timehop this week and this was ONLY two years ago!!  Where did my babies go??  There is no sign of this little boy left at my house.  Even my Dutch Buddy has grown up. (insert tear)
Finishing the month strong hitting my October Goals!  I do feel so much better since getting back to the gym and especially drinking at least 64oz of water a day.  I've also outlined a blog calendar through the end of the year and I'm really working on scheduling as many post as possible to stay active without stressing too much.  
Celebrating birthdays!  I'm sure you are all about tired of all the birthday post but it's a busy month for us.  We said Cheers to 26 on the 6th for Jordan and then wrapped it up with Riley turning 23 on the 18th, I turned 47 on the 19th and Keith turned 42 on the 20th.  It is always a crazy month and then it's over.  Best part is this month I can count on seeing my faves so many times all together!  
I wish it wasn't so but I'm dreading Christmas shopping!  I have purchased a few gifts already but I always just end up making myself feel a little crazy.  If it was up to me we would just hop a plane and head off somewhere fun instead every single year!  
Knocking out some home projects!  The exterior of our house is being painted this week and I've only been waiting since I received the bid in MAY!!  It feels so good to have some things crossed off the never ending list.  #homeownerwoes
Thursday night lights!  Dillon has his last game this Thursday and they are currently undefeated for the season as is this weeks opponent. Everything on the line...isn't that always the best?  I love watching Dillon play but just as the days are beginning to get shorter I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teeny bit excited to have one more day free each week.  
I've been reading Uninvited and this is a must read for any of you who has ever felt left out, lonely or rejected.  Lysa just has a way of connecting and making you feel "normal" for all the crazy you feel sometimes.  
I seriously have like 5 episodes left to finish the Gilmore Girls series!! There has definitely been some binge watching.  I cannot wait to finish just in time for the reunion!!   Are you a Gilmore Girls fan?  I think being a young mom there are so many things I've related to but honestly I can only dream of being so witty!  
Again, like last month we are watching The Voice and loving it.  This has been so much fun to watch with the kids.  Seeing these people 
On the last day of September the Blog-tember prompt was to provide my advice which is your mistakes do not define you.  One of my readers, Lauren, commented about this song and I have been loving it every since!  Thanks Lauren!  
And I am a sucker for any song that reminds me of my man.  You see, Keith really likes people to think he's all tough but he is so, so good at loving me the way I really need it.  When I'm gone he is always telling me how he can't sleep without me so when I heard this song it became a quick favorite! 
This temperamental Texas weather has us all confused and snotty to be honest.  I think our highs have ranged from 75 to 95 this month and allergies have had us all searching for meds in the middle of the night. The fix for feeling like fall but not dying in the heat and humidity for me has been lots of layers, booties and fall colors!  I've linked the items still available and obviously they are favorites of mine.  Especially this scarf! I'm very serious when I tell you I see it on at least one other blogger on instagram.  
Three cheers for family pictures!!  I may be the only one in my family cheering but like it or not my family will usually pull it together for me and put on their pretty smiles and we will end up with a Christmas card picture I will be proud to show my friends.  Our professional pictures from two years ago were perfect but goodness how the littles have changed!   Hopefully we will wrap it all up with a dinner together and that's my favorite part.  
My college buddy Lisa is coming for the A&M vs Ole Miss game!  This girl and I go back 26 years and no matter if it's a month or five years we always, always pick up where we left off!  Cannot wait to see her.  

If you are a blog reader then I'm positive you have already heard about the new Rodan + Fields Eyelash Booster.  I've already received mine during the consultant only period and have started using it.  Stay tuned and hopefully I'll report back with longer lashes soon.  If you have baby lashes like me, I'd love to put you on the list to order once it is available the first week of November.  

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Hope you all have a super Wednesday!  
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Haunted Tales - Spiel the Beans

Welcome to Spiel the Beans where my friend Katy and I dish a little on prompts we thought would be fun each month.  With the Halloween spirit in the air, of course we thought a Haunted Tale was perfect.  Of course maybe you don't believe in ghosts and would rather just share the scariest thing you have ever done.  We are down with that!  
I had a grandfather, Papa Dutch (yes my dog is named after my grandpa) and he was an amazing storyteller.  He loved telling us bedtime stories about dude he called raw hide and bloody bones. There were lots of headless people dragging chains and bones buried behind walls and I seriously do not know how in the world I slept at night.  

I, however, have zero imagination when it comes to these things!  Me, no, I like experiencing my scary instead.  So here is a little story from my younger self.  

Back in 1998 one of my childhood friends was living in NYC living her dream and she invited me to come for a visit.  I was a single mom trying to make ends meet and had only been on a plane one other time but I could not pass up the chance to visit NYC with a free place to stay.  So off I went!  

I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia in plenty of time to make my connecting flight.  The basketball playoffs were on TV and I grabbed a beer and some dinner at the bar at TGI Fridays.  After boarding the flight and sitting for a bit that dreaded ding came over the intercom to let us know due to an issue with the plane our flight would be delayed.  Yikes!  I was not prepared for any kind of snafu and was already nervous enough about arriving and taking my first cab into the city.  

What's a girl to do?  Back to the bar for another beer and some basketball.  I met a guy who was also delayed and he was super nice.  Not in the flirty, trying to pick me up kind of way just willing to have some conversation.  Once our plane was finally ready and we boarded he switched seats with the person next to me so we could continue hanging out.  

As we approached JFK airport, he told me his cousin was picking him up and they would be happy to give me a ride into Manhattan.  You've all watched movies like Taken right?  Well, in 1998 I was evidently oblivious to any of the horrible things that go on in the world and all I could think about was the $40 I would be saving so I said yes.  

I'll never forget closing the door to the black car with the black tinted windows and thinking what in the world am I doing?!!  Thankfully this story has a happy ending!  He was a nice guy and he delivered me safely to my friends apartment building.  I have thought so many times about how wrong this could have gone.  How in the world could I have been so naive, so stupid?!!  

I have probably lived a fairly sheltered life if this is really the scariest thing I've ever done right?  So now it's your turn!  Be sure to mark your calendar for November 15th as we come back to share something we are thankful for or maybe something we should be thankful for but have taken for granted.  
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