Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Queen's Chronicles

This week was full of memories for the kids as they were away at T Bar M summer camp!  Camp is their absolutely favorite part of summer and after you take a peak at these pictures you will know why!  
Each year there is a different theme and this year it was Final Score.  The victory of Jesus Christ is the "final score".  He won and being found in him we win.  
The boys head to T Bar M at Camp Travis which is such a beautiful camp right on the lake. They spend time playing sports activities, ropes course, wakeboarding and lots of other fun stuff.
Carly's camp is in New Braunfels and each year the kids choose a sport as the focus.  This year Carly Jo chose golf.  She was not super impressed about carrying her own clubs!
Evidently the most eventful thing that happened was a thunderstorm which knocked out the power in Carly's cabin.  No a/c, no showers and they could only flush the toilet once which made quite the impression! 
They also have a theme pretty much every night when the kids dress up.  Here is my sweet little Princess Leia.
The first few years I really stressed over the costumes but thankfully Carly Jo is fairly easy going and has a great time no matter how simple her costume.
The most fun night is always Thursday when they have Mission Impossible and the cabins battle against each other .
The kids are all split between Alpha (red) and Omega (blue) and all week long they have challenges to see who will be the winner for the week.  My kids are both Omegas and let's just say we have become accustomed to not coming out on top!
My favorite at Carly's camp is when the parents line up by the cabin flags and the kids run to find us while the theme song is playing!  I love the look on her face when she finally finds us!
There are 3 counselors assigned to each cabin and they separate further into Batters Box for bible study.  This year Carly's counselor Hannah chose the words content and wise for Carly.  I love to hear the counselors talk about why they chose these words.  
Happy to be reunited but jumped right in the car to make the hour and 1/2 trip to see Dillon!  
Crazy small world as one of Dillon's counselors this year happens to be the son of a guy I work with! The words chosen for Dillon were loyalty and firm.
 Of course we had to take a few McJanac pictures because #tradition

And just for fun.....I think these boys have grown up alot in a year!!  
Of course we had to stop first thing for some BBQ at Opies in Spicewood, Texas and once you do something twice it becomes tradition so I see this happening for years to come!  Last year we stayed an extra night in Austin and had an amazing day at Krause Springs but this year we opted to head home. You can read all about our Fun in Austin.  
Even after an entire week together when it was time to go our separate ways these two still have to have some love!

And what did the parents do while the kids were away?!!
We took advantage of all our kids being away at camp and caught up with friends over dinner.
I met up with my fave photographer for a little photoshoot in downtown Bryan.  Sadly the only item on my to do list to be completed while the kids were gone! 
Holly & her hubby gave me a ride to Austin so Keith and I wouldn't have two cars for the weekend which gave me a chance to see my man in action.  
We headed downtown around 4:30 to our room at the Driskill.  I added a note on our reservation asking for contact info for having a dessert sent to the room and never heard back.  How surprised were we when this little treat showed up.  Such a thoughtful touch!
We dined at Perry's Steakhouse which was just a quick walk.  Sadly my iphone died so I have zero pictures of dinner (the hubs isn't so impressed when I start taking pictures with the big camera) but I assure you the food was amazing and we had a great time talking.
I really do not remember if Pretty Girls was recommended to me or whether I somehow ran across it for $2.99 on Kindle and decided I needed to try it but I started reading when we arrived home Saturday afternoon and was completely worthless until I finished after lunch on Sunday.  It was a little disturbing at times (think Silence of the Lambs) but I could not stop reading until I knew the ending. I have not read Gone Girl so it may be a little more along those lines.  I have read Girl on the Train and it was definitely darker.  I rarely find a book that captivates me to the point I cannot put it down.  

Everyone is back home and laundry is semi washed and I've got major heartburn probably because tomorrow is Monday and I spent far to many hours reading a book instead of getting ready for the week! Oopsie....hope you all have a great one!  

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