Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {June}

Today I'm linking up with ShayMel & Sheaffer for this months What's Up Wednesday!  The questions are in green so check it out and join the fun. 


Roadtrip + baseball games all week leaves us eating hotel breakfast, snacky food all day and maybe a dinner someplace interesting in the Springfield area.  We heard that Lambert's is a must!  


Oh Timehop how I love you so!  Look at this precious picture of my guys after an all star win 5 years ago.  Where the heck did this precious little boy go so quickly?!!  Now he's taller than his dad and it's no longer so acceptable to hug at the end of a game.  In a blink I will be sending this one off to college too and I'm just not quite ready.   


All the red, white & blue touches I added to my house this week!  


Celebrating Summer some extraordinary fun like national fudge day and national ice cream soda day! 
Crossing off items on our Summer Bucket List like throwing a puppy birthday party for our favorite Dutch Buddy!  

You can see all the fun we have been having with week 1, week 2 and week 3 of summer!  


For those of you baseball families, if you haven't experienced your first tournament in which your team is required to stay at a host hotel let me just warn you to make sure you are on the hotel bandwagon early.  This place we are in leaves a lot to be desired and I'm dreading trying to sleep in a standard double bed with my man all week!  


Identifying a few things we might be able to fit in besides baseball while we are here.  Will it be caves, ziplining, the lake?  Tune in next week and find out what we fit in!  


My oldest has been working on a guest post and I'm super excited about sharing it with you!!  I'm hoping I will have it ready to go live tomorrow.  


Am I the only one who has never seen the movie Killers with Katherine Hiegl and Ashton Kutcher?  It was on TV this week and I seriously could not go to bed until it was over.  Loved it!  Maybe I was just super stressed and tired but I thought it was a great watch.  
I finished Me Before You Me Before You earlier in June and bawled my eyes out.  I still haven't made it to see the movie but I can't wait.  Starting After Youwas a no brainer and I'm more than half way done.  I can't wait to see how it ends!  If you love a great love story and don't mind ugly crying I highly recommend these!  


This song by Hillary Scott just captured me!  How many times do we just hurt so bad and want to take things into our own hands before remembering we cannot play God?  


 All the swing dresses I can get my hands on!  Between the heat and the fact I ate my way through spring the fit of these dresses has been perfect!  I also figured out stripes with stripes can actually work!  I'm loving all of these new Stella & Dot pieces too! 
 Work is tricky this time of year too so lots of crops with light weight tanks and blazers (mine is on sale at J. Crew Factory) have been finding their way to one another.  
 National pink day gave me the chance to pair these two for the first time and why?  Isn't this combo darling?  Pleione tops are some of my very favorites.  They are light weight, good quality and fit and come in a variety of patterns, colors and styles.  
This week I will look more like this while I'm on vacation!  I love a great hat to stretch out that hair just one more day!  


Looks like we will for sure be in Springfield through Saturday and depending on how well the boys do we could also be playing Sunday before heading home.  


A free calendar with no set plans and no sporting events!  I love watching my kids do what they love but this mom needs a break!  

Come back next month and linkup with Katy & I as we spiel the beans with you!  
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Favorite Summer Salads + Spiel the Beans Linkup

Summer is my favorite time to eat salad!  All the items you need for a great salad are so fresh and easy to grab this time of year.  It's also the time of year for cookouts and gatherings with friends and family and I'm always looking for just the right thing to bring along.  Here are a few of my go to salads.  
Years back I scrapbooked on full weekend retreats.  The coordinator always made the best food including this Strawberry Spinach Salad.  She used candied walnuts instead of pecans and always Brianna's Poppyseed dressing to toss it in.  I could have survived on this alone!  This recipe from I Wash You Dry is very similar.  I have not made this in years and now I am craving it!  
This broccoli bacon salad from Yummy Healthy Easy  is definitely a family favorite and one my family knows they better be first in line to snag at a picnic.  We do not add dried cranberries typically to avoid the extra sugar plus we think it is sweet enough on it's own.  
My families all around favorite is this tortellini pasta salad.  It is so easy to make and so incredibly delicious.  I never have leftovers if I arrive with this one.  
See all the yummy salads I've been pinning by following my salad board! 

Now it's your turn to share you favorite summer salad!  Please link to your specific post URL and not to your blog home page.
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Let's Talk - Red, White & Blue

Today I'm joining Andrea and Erika for the Let's Talk series and it's all about Red, White & Blue!  
 As the focal point in my living room, I always like to add a little fun to my mantel throughout the year.  
I made this bunting probably four years ago and it is still one of my favorite things to pull out.  You can find the original tutorial I used at Simply Kierste.  
 Adding seasonal decor to this decorative bowl always just adds a little fun.  
 I love picking up a few fun items like this little guy for at least 50% off in the after season sale and it is always so fun the next year pulling them out after I've already forgotten about them.  
 Last year my friend Kim at Hunt and Host used baseballs for her 4th of July decor and I was like, duh, we are a baseball family how in the world have I never thought to do this!  I love the simple touch they add.  
 Pier 1 Import always has a great selection and often still has plenty to choose from after the holiday is over.  
 I grabbed this simple idea from Kim's post too.  I mean it just doesn't get any easier than sand in a mason jar and little flags from the Target dollar spot!  
 I have learned from watching others to look around the house to incorporate items I already have like this dictionary which just happens to be perfectly red!  
 I don't remember where I picked up this little tray last year but I'm thinking it was a great addition.  These little cupcake toppers are definitely useful for more than just cupcakes too!  Sand as a filler is definitely one of the easiest.  I keep a bag of play sand in the garage and use it all year long for different things.  
 Of course these two just had to make an appearance!  They are both as American as apple pie and just as sweet! 
I cannot say enough about the side table from World Market.  Every blogger I know has this table and when Andrea posted it was 30% off a month ago I pulled the trigger . This piece has added so much warmth to my living room!!  
 My entry table is also one of my favorite places to add a few accents.  The wreath was from a few years ago and it was super easy to make.  You can find a tutorial here and the one pointer I will give is to wrap the wreath in ribbon first so it doesn't show on the side.  
 Love how wrapping some leftover burlap, denim and gingham dressed up this glass vase.  

Truth be told my house has been "undressed" for weeks since I took down my spring decor and it felt so great to put out some fun over the weekend!  Here are a few crafts we were hoping to get to before the 4th!  


And you can see all the 4th fun I've pinned by following my board.

Click to find all my favorite places to link up each week!  

What is your favorite way to add some Red, White & Blue?  

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And don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Spiel the Beans Linkup so you can spiel on your favorite summer salads as Katy and I host! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Queen's Chronicles

The 4th week of summer....really?  I can't believe time is just flying by!  Here is what we have been up to.  
You just can't go wrong with a week that starts off with ice cream soda day!  I grabbed both vanilla and chocolate blue bell along with coke, dr. pepper and reddi whip and we all had ourselves some yummy dessert.  
Carly and I both had chocolate and dr. pepper and it was yum.  Did you know real ice cream soda is vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and real soda water?  I totally did not until googling.  
We are totally working on celebrating by making ordinary summer days EXTRA-ordinary.  Check out the Celebrating Summer post for more info on how to make summer a little more fun every single day!  
Y'all...I almost felt guilty when I read this and though instantly of my little brother!  I had to send to him immediately.  
On Wednesday we celebrated Dutch Buddy's 2nd birthday!  I shared lots of pictures of him from the last 2 years for Show & Tell Tuesday.  You can see all the fun from his birthday in Dog Gone Favorites.  I promise it was PAWS-atively the most fun and easiest party I've every hosted.  
On Thursday morning I could not find my wedding ring when I got ready to go to work.  I remembered taking it off in the kitchen (I thought) while talking to my mom but I seriously was a basket case after looking for an hour in every place I could imagine.  Finally I decided I needed to go through the trash and y' lucky did I get to find it laying like this on top of a plate in the trash can.  I was so relieved!  
Dutch was the calendar dog for June at his vets office so I made him take a picture when I picked him up from playcare.  He was so embarassed can't you tell?!!
Friday it was lunch with these girls.  My friend Ginny was in town for the premier of Independence Day - Resurgence which her son had a role in.  Kind of cool!! 
 This girl and I headed on out to the lake on Friday night for some live music!  
And our table happened to be right next to this girl's table.  Jordan asked me if I had ever been to see Texas Unlimited Band (TUB)....I had to laugh because they have totally been around since my college days!  Keith finally made it too and we had a great time dancing the night away.  
Saturday Dillon had 7 on 7 and it was thankfully overcast and not too bad under a tent.  All his biggest fans were there!  Some of them were even standing on their tip toes as to not look any shorter but my lips are sealed.  :)
We skipped over to Jordan's apartment pool in between and I finally decided a swimsuit wasn't the end of the world.  If all the world could see me at this angle only.  Ha!  
 Back at the field for one more game Sunday morning.  These boys are all changing so quickly!! 

 My friend Holly's daughter made me these fun pom poms and I was so excited to use them in my decorations!  You definitely want to check back for a little Red, White and Blue fun on tomorrow!  
Then this popped up in my Timehop.  I've been on Facebook for 9 years and this post from last summer was the most popular ever!  It was a pretty huge day for our family.  So Grateful for Dreams! 
 We will be roadtrippin this week and Carly was uber excited to grab the tools at Michaels so she can make her own pom poms!  
She even taught Keith and he claimed he was an expert after one try!  I just loved this so much.  Moments like these mean so much!  
 I have been wanting to try Living Proof shampoo and conditioner after receiving the dry shampoo sample to try in my Birchbox.  I was not excited about the price but then I scored big when I got to the counter and I actually had $61 in credit at Ulta!  Score!!  
Then I got to end my Sunday like this!  My favorite way, watching my man grill up some goodness.  We even made homemade Tiger Dill sauce with this recipe and it was just like identical.  

Don't forget to come back on Tuesday and share your Favorite Summer Salad as Katy and I host the Spiel the Beans Linkup!  
Wishing you all a super week!  

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