Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Time to Rewind

So how many times have you written a blog post and thought to yourself "damn...I nailed that!" and then you didn't quite get the views you hoped for?  Well these brilliant bloggers have created Rewind Friday which is a fun linkup created just to help you showcase content you are proud of!  On the last Friday of each month you can share individual links or write a blog post highlighting old content like I am.  Got it?  I'm excited as I have found so many fave bloggers over the past two years and there is definitely content I may have missed along the way.  While I missed the initial linkup last Friday I couldn't help but pull together some of my favorites.  

So many of my favorite post to write were part of a Grateful Heart Monday series.  Here are just a few near and dear to my heart!  I love when real life events are able to spur me to stop and reflect and maybe, just maybe grow a little!  

Wife Mommy Me

The Queen's Chronicles

We had an exciting, busy week!  I actually managed to check out more than usual and actually experience our time which means less pictures but I'm feeling more ready to start my week than usual. Of course starting on a Tuesday doesn't hurt either!  
The last week of school and we started it off with the 4th grade talent show!  These girls did a bang up job preparing and performing a skits!  
Of course it would not have been the same without her bestie there to support her!  Love the way these two love each other.  The conversation at dinner was priceless and entertaining as well!  

My mom was in town for all the 4th grade hoopla so we snuck away with Jordan for a grown up dinner out.  This picture sucks but we had a great time.
Thursday was a crazy weather day in College Station.  Lots of thunderstorms and one tornado that did quite a bit of destruction in one area of town.  The kids were on lockdown twice in one day and did not get out of school on time.  
Friday morning was graduation!  This girl is always so excited about everything.  Before they head to the gym, the 4th graders do one last gator walk through the halls of the school and all the younger kids are lined up giving them high fives and teachers ready for hugs!
Carly has made lots of special friends at Creek View and thankfully they will all be moving on to the next level with her!
What can I say....beyond thankful we ended up with Mrs. Cosser once again.  She was also Dillon's 4th grade teacher and has become a special friend.  She loves the kids in her class hard...ALL of them.  I really do think being a teacher is one of the very hardest jobs but she definitely makes it look rewarding!

Mrs. Wester taught Carly math and science this year and was shocked at how hilarious Carly was during her skit.  Evidently my girl is super quiet in school.  Ha!  Guessing she saves it all up for Mom.
Dillon started 2nd grade at Creek View the year it first opened the doors and Mr. Durand was then the vice-principal who has now promoted to head honcho.  He is definitely on top of things but also agrees to let the kids do all sorts of crazy stuff like duct tape him to walls all in the spirit of fundraising!  I was super impressed he has gotten so good at saying our last name!
Mr. Satterwhite is also special to our family and this year I actually hired him to bring Carly home from school each day, help with homework and drive the kids around as needed.  It was definitely so helpful to me!

Of course we couldn't walk out without saying goodbye to Mrs. McQueen. The first day of kinder I knew immediately she would be a special part of our lives.  I mean...her middle name is also Jo!  We both lost our dad's too soon to cancer and crazy enough when she had her second baby she named him Riley Cole.  This was NOT intentional but it is such a fun coincidence!
Mrs. Herriage is the music teacher and she is so incredible. The productions at Creek View have definitely been some of the best ever and I know she's amazing because if not Carly would have not been so into it all.
Mrs. Deluna is the assistant principal and I had no clue she and little miss had developed a little relationship actually talking at dance while Carly was waiting to go in and she was waiting to pick up her girls!
Yippee!  And that's, that y'all.  My years as an elementary mom are O-V-E-R.  I only cried a teeny bit during the graduation walk.  I will say it is a little easier transition as our kids go to intermediate school for 5th and 6th instead of straight to junior high or I might not be so excited.  

Friday night we had our first "friends Friday" dinner!  All four of my kids were home plus the McBerty's and I seriously didn't take a single picture! No picture of the taco bar or the kids running wild but it was a really great night!  

Saturday we headed to my hometown and grabbed burgers to cook at my brother's house!  I didn't even know it was National Hamburger day!
We headed to the coast Saturday morning!  Keith took Carly to grab a new fishing shirt before we left College Station and as you can see she already understands you can dress cute no matter what the occassion!
Her shirt must have been lucky because she had the first two bites; this little speckled trout and a crab! 

The boys really had the big haul for the day with all these keeper trout! Dillon seriously could not be happier than he is when he is fishing!   
We made it back to College Station on Monday afternoon and cooked up the fish to take over to the McBerty's for dinner.  Again....not one single picture to document the fun but trust me.....it was the perfect night.  We love summer!

Hope you all have a super week!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Favorites

It' s Friday...it's the LAST day of school....and that means IT....IS....SUMMER!!  
Katy and I hosted a link up last sharing our Summer Bucket List!  We had so many fun bloggers link up and here are three I wanted to share.  
Loved Holly's idea to have a theme for each day of the week!  
And I loved Stephanie's simple list that included a YES day!  

Hop on over here and see ALL of the bucket list linked up.  
I've actually been pretty good lately but the Nordstrom sale has me swooning over a few things!  This dress and these DV Dolce lace up wedges have been in my shopping cart for weeks!  I browsed the sale, ordered a few to try and picked out some goodies for all of you!  

And if you love Old Navy then you definitely want to stop over and see what you can find 50% off!  I was being optimistic and order this ruffle bikini top and I grabbed these cutoff shorts earlier in the season and they have been heavy in the rotation!

I also jumped on the Stella & Dot consultant band wagon with a friend this past month and through the 31st sale items are an extra 25% off.  You can find some fun items here.  And if you are looking to host your own trunk show to earn some free S&D faves please contact me! 

**Clicking on the referral links means, at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commision.  Thanks for supporting my little space!**
Summer nights are definitely one of my very favorites!  We are kicking off summer on Friday and having some friends over for tacos.  It will be super duper low key but with lots of laughing!  I'm thinking we may have to bring back the walking taco to make it simpler.  Some chicken nuggets from chick-fil-a for the picky eaters and we should be good to go.  
Earlier this week I shared my favorite vacations!  This sure does have me itching to get to the coast. We will hopefully kick off summer vacation by heading to Matagorda this weekend and heading out to the bay for some fishing.  

Awesome Life Friday - I Was Featured!
I was so excited to find Lynda featured my post from last Friday, Roadtrip Fun, as part of the Awesome Life Friday linkup!  You can catch up on pictures from our actual Roadtrip here.  

We had some serious rain on Thursday as well as a tornado move through a local subdivision. Hoping for a calmer Friday.  Baby girl graduates at 9 from 4th grade and my stint as an elementary momma is O-V-E-R over!  Now to get through tomorrow's goodbyes without tears.  

Hope you all have a super weekend!  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Route 66 Road Trip

So most of you know Riley and I caught a flight last Friday morning on the way to Los Angeles headed to pick up his truck and other belongings from Lancaster where he had been playing ball.  We grabbed a rental car and made the hour and 1/2 trip.  
I was a little bit excited to see the stadium he had been playing at even though I would have much rather been there for a different reason.  
After returning the rental car and grabbing a bite to eat at Rubios we hit the road hoping to make it 4-5 hours.  
I was super excited to see these trees everywhere even though I had zero clue they were Joshua trees. I seriously never knew a Joshua tree was a real thing...to me it was just the title of a U2 album!
It was really a beautiful day and it was fun seeing the landscape across the Mojave dessert area. 
I thought this picture of the train was pretty fun and gives the perspective as to just how big the mountains are.
We stopped in Kingman, Arizona for the night and the Springhill Suites we stopped out was so nice. They made a few suggestions for dinner and we settled on Dambar.  

After a long day this hit the spot.   See those little biscuit?  Oh my goodness they were so amazing!
We headed out Saturday morning with a little different landscape.  
If you read my Friday post on Roadtrip Fun you will remember one of the options was regional food games.  Basically at every stop the challenge is to find the best regional snack.  So while Riley was grabbing gas I was grabbing these little Arizona nuggets!  Score! 
He was in the store forever and came out proud with this S'morezilla...which was made in.....UTAH!! #loser
We decided to stop in Flagstaff for breakfast at Brandy's which has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Drives.  The coffee was excellent!
And the food did not disappoint!  I am not a huge pancake fan but these were probably the very best pancakes I had ever had.  Eggs benedict of just about every variety were tops too!
We ventured on down the road to Winslow, Arizona and stopped to see this meteor site from 50,000 years ago.  This is what an impact of 26,000 miles per hour will do.  
So it's really hard to tell how big this hole really is from this picture.  The white area down in the middle had a fence around it with a 6 foot tall American flag that is not even able to be seen with the naked eye. 
And this rock right here...yeah...it's the size of a HOUSE!  
Next stop and I scored again with this Arizona beef jerky!  
New Mexico was next and honestly at this point the drive had not been that bad.  Arizona and New Mexico really have so much beautiful scenery.
We stopped in Albuquerque (until this trip I put the r in the wrong place!) and ate some authentic mexican food at Mary & Tito's.  Riley was totally unimpressed.  
This honestly doesn't look all that appetizing but it was delicious.  They slow roast pork strips and then fry in a soppapilla and cover in a red chili sauce.  It was delicious!  

This picture cannot capture the moon the way I viewed it but y'all....when the moon began coming up it was the biggest moon I had ever seen!  I guess there haven't been too many times I've seen the moon rise on the horizon.  So this was in front of me.  
And this amazing sunset was behind me! We ended up chasing a really crazy thunderstorm with lots of cloud to ground lightning but thankfully didn't run through any heavy rain.  We made it to Amarillo for the night.
We slept in and then stopped by Cadillac ranch.  I mean I don't know how many times I'll actually make it to Amarillo so it was a must!
Oh how I love this kid right here!  He was such a great travel buddy and entertained me.  
Obviously we both have similar feelings about starting the day off right and we headed for Ye Olde Pancake Station for breakfast.  
It was good but our breakfast on Saturday definitely trumped it.  Coffee was perfect though! 
THIS...is the shot Riley took for his Snapchats every time I was taking a food picture! He's a nut! 
Best part is my good parenting was reinforced by his choice of music.  It was anywhere from Johnny Cash to Def Leopard to Randy Travis to Pearl Jam to Wade Bowen to Nirvana to AC/DC.  I love it! 
Last little trek was about 5 hours and it was the most boring part.  The panhandle is just flat and not much to see aside from windmill farms which I am obsessed with!  
Riley dropped me off at DFW and about 10 miles down the road the A/C went out in my car. Nevermind that it was 87 degrees out but I had 103000 miles on my car....so my warranty just expired last month..boo!  I decided a perfect cream cheese kolache warmed just perfectly was just what I needed to make it the rest of the way home!

This trip was so much fun.  Even though we didn't do that much the time I spent with Riley just talking and shooting the shiz was the best!

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