Thursday, October 29, 2015

Transition Day to Date

Today I'm joining Rachel and Astleigh for a little Day to Date linkup showing you how I would take an outfit from daytime to a date night with my favorite dimpled man.
Day to Date Style
Little Black Dress
I purchased this dress last fall to wear to a wedding and it hung in my closet thereafter.  I hated seeing this beautiful material go to waste! 
Little Black Dress
 Flash forward to "no spend September" and I was all about spending a little time shopping my closet instead of my money shopping online!  
Little Black Dress
 I grabbed black booties and my blue jacket and seriously I may have heard angels sing when I looked in the mirror!  I love how this came together and y'all....I wore this to work!  
Little Black Dress
When I first received these BP booties I thought they were cute but I wasn't head over heels for them. They sat in the box for two months as I debated whether or not to keep them.  I have to tell you I would have been totally missing out because not only are they adorable but they are super comfortable.  
Little Black Dress
 Drop the blue jean jacket and booties and add a nice pair of heels and you will be ready for date night! I love these shoes and they are probably one of the most commented on pieces I have shown here.  I found two pair from the same designer and, while not exactly like mine, they are very similar and on sale here & here! I was shocked to see them back in stock as last time I checked nothing similar was available.  It's not often I find a heel that is both classy and comfortable and these are both! 
Little Black Dress
Beware, however, you may knock your husbands socks off!  

Shop this look! 
BP Trotter Booties here
Similar dress here
Stella & Dot Rebel pendant here
Stella & Dot bracelet here
Kendra Scott Earrings here
Cage Heels, no exact but exact brand here & here
Jean Jacket here
And here we are last November on our date night enjoying an afternoon wedding!  
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - {October}

Today I'm linking up with ShayMel & Sheaffer for this months What's Up Wednesday!  The questions are in green so check it out and join the fun. 

What We're Eating....

It is finally feeling like fall and I have had all of my babies over for dinner for several days.  It has been all about home cooked meals that fill your belly and nothing about healthy eating but I will just have to worry about that later.  Frito Pies, Mix and Match Mama's Sausage Tortellini Soup, Pot Roast and their favorite my lasagna.
This chili is super easy but oh so yum!  Instead of following the directions on the McCormick packet I use their spice, add two small cans of tomato sauce and then add beef broth to thin it out a bit.  A little secret I learned from my mom.  My family does not like beans in chili so this works.   If it was up to me I would be adding hominy...oh how I love some hominy in my chili!  

What I'm Reminiscing About....

October's past.....just look at my babies.  I know it is repeated often by parents as their babies grow but goodness it really has gone by so quickly.

What I'm Loving....

I'm sure you guys are seriously so tired of seeing this picture but I just have to tell you one more time how much I'm loving having my kids all together.  Riley has been home for two weeks and he will be leaving on Thursday and I am going to miss him so.  He can drive me so stinkin' crazy out of my mind, that boy, but he also can make me laugh like crazy and we have some of the best talks.  You "raise" little kids but when your babies become adults you become friends and are able to listen and offer advice {when asked of course} and I am really soaking it up with my Bigs right now.  Seeing them all spend time together and knowing, while they are all just a little bit different and years span between them, there is definitely a strong bond between them all...tears just typing this!  Love them...blessed mom.  

What We've Been Up To.... 

We have been celebrating birthdays, Aggie football and a lot of family time.  This is my favorite month of the year for a much togetherness! We decorated for fall and then added a few Halloween touches and we reminisced about Halloweens past.

What I'm Dreading ....

Maybe the end of daylight savings time.  As much as I'm looking forward to having an extra hour of sleep, getting dark before I even make it home from work just plain sucks.  The only good part is it really does seem to help us wind down a little faster and turn in a little easier each night . 

What I'm Working On....

My friend Holly and I are working on a linkup for November!  More details to come soon but we will be hosting a linkup every Thursday in November titled Attitude of Gratitude!  Most of us truly are grateful most of the time but life happens and sometimes the best intentions just get put on the back burner.  November is always such a great time to bring gratitude to the forefront and we would love to see what this means to you.

What I'm Excited About.... 

My friend Katy talked Holly, our friend Cindy and me into hosting our first Swap Til You Drop event and we can't wait to share the fun with you all!  We are inviting our local friends for a night of shopping for free.  Everyone will bring a few items they no longer love and each person will have a chance to browse and pick a few things that make them happy for free.  Anything remaining will be taken to a local charity.   Of course there will be snacks, wine and girl talk so it's a win/win situation here.  If you are local and are interested in coming just shoot me a message and I'll send you the details.    

What I'm Watching/Reading....

So I finally have jumped on the Netflix bandwagon.  Keith and I are on the second season of Friday Night Lights and I'm loving it.  Keith keeps shaking his head but I know he loves it too if for no reason than we are going to bed at the same time!  Best part is sharing special moments with my friend Katy who always responds with something wonderful like this.
Not really....that would be my favorite character but she is more on #teamriggins and really sends stuff like...
Katy says #yourewelcome

I also started watching Gilmore Girls and I'm only part way through the first season but I really just wish I could bottle up all of Lorelai's one liners and spurt them out whenever needed!  

What I'm Listening To....

I may be that chick riding with my sunroof open blasting a little Carrie Underwood these days.  Seriously...the girl can sing but her legs...her legs are to die for!  I keep thinking if I could just eat all these pumpkin spice kisses I could hit the gym a little harder and see some progress. ;)

What I'm Wearing....

Fall clothes finally!  It finally cooled off here in Texas and I have been wearing boots, booties,  a vest or two and lots of my favorite scarves.  Layers are definitely a must as it is starting off cooler but may reach the upper 80's by days end.  You can follow along with my daily outfits on Instagram here
I'm definitely loving marsala or wine or in Aggieland we call it maroon!  Whatever you call it I have been wearing it often.  Mustard yellow is just a perfect fall color.  The military vest has definitely been one of my very favorites and I'm pretty sure I have already gotten all $10 worth of this plaid Old Navy scarf.  See all my outfit inspiration here.

What I'm Doing This Weekend....

Our weekend plans are a little up in the air.  The obvious will be some Halloween fun but Dillon is playing baseball on Saturday morning at the same time the Aggies are playing....decisions, decisions.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month....

Definitely the Thanksgiving holidays and a few extra days to be lazy and spend some time with family.  I would also be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the Sunday after Thanksgiving when I put up my Christmas decorations!!  I love my fall decor but there is just something about those twinkly lights that make my heart skip a beat.

What Else is New....

My new Farmgirl Paints cuff with a great reminder for me!  I just found out today she will be closing her shop on Friday, October 30th at 5pm instead of November 2nd as she has hit her capacity for completing orders.  If you are still interested in a cuff, especially if you are thinking about purchasing as a Christmas gift, be sure to do so now as she will not reopen until January 19th.  Use code FANGIRLSHELLYJ and receive 15% off.   If you have questions about the ordering process don't hesitate to ask!  

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe....

My absolutely favorite recipe at Thanksgiving is my Meme's dressing.  I love the way it taste of course but my very favorite part is pulling out this much loved recipe card and seeing her handwriting.  We are very similar in the way we cook as I am not someone who measures things exactly when cooking...baking yes but cooking no.  You can see she struggled with writing down the exact recipe because she truly did put it together each year to taste and not by the book.  Special memories.  
So that's quite a lot we've been up to!  What's up with you this Wednesday?  

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Favorite Things - Finds for Fall Under $50

Hooking up with Erika and Andrea for this months Favorite Things!  Join the fun and show off your favorite fall finds under $50.  
This year is the first time I've jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a few.  I loved the Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow but once it was all burned out and I started burning this one I have been totally sold!  Oh my goodness it smells amazing.  

How adorable are these pillow covers?  I am loving them and they are perfect for our house.  
West Elm Thanksgiving Phrase Pillows
20% off today right now!  
I know this is the third time I've shown this purse but for $38 it really has been a great addition to my fall accessories.  I was worried at this price it would look a little cheap but I am totally impressed with the quality.  
I do not have this poncho and actually would have never given it a second look but this passed week I saw it styled by several on Instagram and trust me it is much cuter in person!  Don't just take my word for it check out how Simply Classy styles it here
Thanksgiving will be here soon and I'm sure we will all be joining friends and family gathering around the table.  These wine tags are only $4 and would be so fun to add to a bottle of wine for your hostess.  

What are your favorite fall finds?  

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Queen's Chronicles - Weeks 42 & 43

The past two weeks have flown by and with all the birthday fun I didn't even pull my pictures together for a little review.  Here is what we've been up to!  
 The kids were out of school on the 12th and my friend Holly & I did a little child swap!  She took the girls and the boys were all mine for the day.  The girls had fun painting bowls for the Empty Bowl project supporting our local food bank.  If you are local there is still time to participate in this event and you can read more about it in Holly's post here.  
 The boys were pretty much happy to lay on the couch all day so I jumped on the chance to take them out for ice cream.  Not too long before they will be driving themselves! 
 Ice cream all around!  
 I took Dutch Buddy for a long walk while Carly Jo had dance and he was so worn out by the time we were done.  
 I seriously just love this sweet puppy so much!  
 Dillon was at an event so we took Carly for some one on one time!  
I met up for girls night with these lovelies!  
And then we cheered our hardest but the Ags came up short against Alabama.  We did have lots of fun with our friends.  
 Only picture I could snag of the birthday boy! 
 Watching junior high football....Dillon was thrilled to have his siblings at his game! 
My biggest gift all my babies home together.  
 Keith picked out a new shotgun for Riley for his birthday and I'm not sure who was more excited.  
 Does this happen to anyone else?  My family is always leaving one bite.  
 Dinner with my girls before Beauty & the Beast. 
 Drinks and dinner with my beautiful friend Johanna....always fills my soul.  She has the most fun laugh! 
 I headed to Wharton Friday night to check on my Mamaw who had been kept overnight at the hospital after a fall.  She is such a mess but doing okay enough to make sure she put her makeup on!  
We received about 9" rain according to one of my neighbors and 6" according to the news and regardless it rained for two days straight.  This picture is terrible but totally was the best!  We watched movies and I'm officially addicted to the Gilmore Girls.  

Halloween is really the only thing on our calendar this week....and I still have no costume for baby girl.  Hopefully we will figure it out!  Hope  you all have a super week! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites - Birthday Week

Monday started with my favorite day of the own birthday!  My birthday is always a time to reflect for me and look back and just celebrate all that has happened over my now 46 years.  Like any celebration I like to drag it out a bit so here are a few favorites from my birthday week!  

{Birthday Post}

I wrote a post for Grateful Heart Monday about why I am grateful for One More Year

{Birthday Surprises}

Surprises are definitely my favorite!  
 My friend Holly knows my love language includes snail mail and fun pens and I was so surprised when she showed up at my office with this fun gift!  These pens are the perfect fine point and I can't wait to use them!
My friend Kelli & her husband made this for me!!  Love a homemade gift and I seriously cannot wait to fill this one with Christmas cards soon!!
What's more fun than shopping with someone else's money?!!  I received a call on my birthday letting me know my sweet friend Ginny in California arranged for a gift card to be waiting for me at Tres Chic, a local boutique.  I paired it with some of my birthday money and bought this great crochet and fringe cardigan!!!

{Birthday Dates}

Lunch on Tuesday with my beautiful mom....seriously y'all she will be 70 in December!  Good genes are something to celebrate!
Dinner on Wednesday with these lovelies!

 And then we joined my sister and mother-in-law for Beauty and the Beast!  I knew we were going but they made the tickets part of my birthday gift which was such a treat! 
And then drinks that turned into dinner last night with this beautiful friend!

{Snail Mail and Sweet Words}

I loved receiving cards in the mail from sweet friends!  Every text, Facebook message and blog comment was a special treat!   Thanks to each of you who made my day special by taking a moment to think of me! 

{Family Time}

This moment right here....all my babies in one spot laughing and having some fun family time!  Y'all...this is my very favorite!  I love these babies and it is the biggest gift when they will take time to spend with their momma!  

{Birthday Gifts}

I know I showed you this purse on last weeks Friday favorites....well friends it arrived on my birthday so happy birthday to me!  It is fabulous and I'm still thrilled it was $38! 
My new Farmgirl Paints cuff also arrived this week and I love it!  This is the first I have ordered for myself in black.  For the record...I was completely safe in this picture....turn lane and at a complete stop on red.  If you are interested in a personalized cuff she is open until November 2nd and you can still use the code FANGIRLSHELLYJ for 15% off.  

Quick prayer Mamaw fell on Wednesday night and hit her head so she has been under observation the past two days at the hospital in my hometown.  I will be heading to check on her today. 

Hope you are all have a super weekend!

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