Monday, August 31, 2015

Grateful Heart - Weekends Away

The first day of school marked the end of summer fun but we had the chance for one more weekend getaway so we loaded up the kids and our boat and hit the road.  I grew up just about 50 miles from the coast and we went to the beach a lot.  I really love to take the kids at least once every summer and this year we made it twice.  
 We arrived just about the time the sun was setting and it was a beautiful view as we drove across the tall intracoastal bridge.  Up until just a few years ago this was still a draw bridge and it was always one of our favorite parts when we were little.  If the bridge was up we would get so excited to sit and watch the barges go by.

I wish I had taken a picture of the cute little house we were staying in on the river.   Family friends own it and it is just the perfect little size for us but the mosquitos were like something I had never seen so we were truly in a full out sprint from the car to the house every time we arrived.
We had dinner and then headed down to the beach for a little moonlight walk in hopes of finding some little crabs crawling around on shore but no luck.
Weekend getaway
 We headed out for some fishing in the surf with the boys bright and early.  I turn down so many fishing trips with Keith and when I go I always love it and love seeing the sky awaken in the morning.
 Carly reeled in our first keeper of the day but that was it for this girl.  She definitely has motion sickness like her mom so fishing in the surf had her looking green.
 It's always fun to catch something unexpected so Dillon was excited about this eel.
 We headed back in to some calmer waters and the boat ride made Carly feel much better.
 This boy....he would be fishing every day if he could.  I can't tell you how many times I've found him with just a stick and some string trying to catch fish in a creek, a ditch, pretty much anywhere.
 Keith took us through the intracoastal locks and we had to follow this tug boat.  We love guessing what the barges might be carrying and the intracoastal was a busy place on Saturday.
 We found a promising little fishing hole and were getting some bites.  Dillon caught this red fish but it was just shy of being a keeper.   There was a lot of catch and release going on this weekend but I'm okay with that.  As long as I'm catching I am interested.
 We moved on to another location and look how beautiful.  The water was like glass!
A quick family selfie.....just to prove I was along on this trip!
 Finally the part Carly had been waiting for!  We headed to the beach.
 I truly have never seen the water so clear and blue as it was this weekend.
 My mom drove down and joined the fun.
Keith is always finding things I would never have even known to look for! 
 Who knew that little fish, crab and shrimp where hiding in the seaweed that was floating through the water.
 We loved this little crab with the perfect little X on his back.

And I wish this picture was better but on the right you can just make out this crazy spiky looking fish we found.  Carly was freaking out because she did not think the two fish liked each other.  
 Happy day!
 Sunday morning we headed out and this was on one side of me.
While this was happening on the other!  
And y' just kept getting better and better.  God is such an amazing artist!
 And...then...this...happened!!  I'm totally blowing this up into a canvas for Dillon's room.

 After I had enough of the surf we headed back in to calmer waters.  Just me & my boys for the morning fishing trip while little sis slept in.
Dillon caught our only keeper of the day but she was a beautiful red!  
And just proof....this boy can fall asleep anywhere.  We headed back to the dock and as soon as that engine started blaring he was out.
Before I left on Friday I found this surprise in my mailbox from my sweet friend Holly.  She always, always finds this most meaningful gifts and I love a good cuff to remind me what's important.  Friday was the anniversary of my dad's death and she knew it was the perfect day to remind me.  It is so easy when we are away to "Be Here Now" but when I'm back in the daily grind I often do not make the time to be present with my family.  Work in progress!

Have a great Monday friends!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Queen's Chronicles - Week 35

The first week of school is behind us and I am proud to say we all had a super week!  Thanks to being more organized than usual we actually ran early or on time at least every single day.  It really was a great feeling.  I think we were all excited to have a schedule again.....we will see if that holds true for week 2!  Here's how things went down.....

 It was back to school for these two!  To take a look down memory lane and see how I'm feeling about my last year of elementary school you can hop over here.  
 We are thrilled to be in Mrs. Cosser's 4th grade class!  Dillon was also in her class in 4th grade and I have secretly been hoping for this day ever since! 
Sadly due to early morning football practice my morning workouts with my regular "crew" are not going to work.  I headed to workout after work and it was just me & my trainer knocking out the reps.    I have no clue how to talk "gym" talk.  
This picture cracked me up...but not as much as the slow motion video I had them take so I could work on improving.  I am totally a visual learner.  Seeing what I was doing wrong was a real eye opener.
 I picked out a few tile samples for our master shower.  I love the glass for sure for a small band around the shower and I love the tile but I'm not sure about the small piece which would end up being the floor.  Regardless, still another step it the direction I and headed.
 This new dress {which is 60% with the code FLASH until 10am Monday} is adorable.  I ordered another dress that I really thought would be my favorite but this one came sliding in and I was in love!
 I had the greatest wine opener from a local winery and I cannot find an important piece to it!!  After multiple tries this is what I got!
 And we celebrated National Dog Day with Dutch Buddy
 Love finding selfies on my phone from this one!
 I paired my favorite summer white dress with  leopard belt and blue jean vest to change it up a little.
 And for excited was I to walk into work and see this in my chair!
 And a friend of mine who works for another college on campus posted this and we were all dying.  So funny...and true so many days during the summer budget prep.
 And I saw this meme and knew I had to send it to Riley!  Mr. Competitive could not stand to lose a board game when he was little.
Thursday was girls night out with some of my gym friends.  I loved the ease of this outfit!
 Here we are enjoying the hot tub and some hot conversation!
 Dutch loves being my copilot and going to doggie playcare! He LOVES it!!
On Friday we arrived in Matagorda for our weekend getaway just in time to see the sun setting.  We had dinner, took a moonlit stroll not the beach and then headed to bed so we would be up early for fishing.
Our first morning.... the sun rise is always the best part of the day!
We took a little nap after our morning fishing trip and then headed for the beach.  I've been going to this beach since I was like 5 and I have never seen it so pretty!
Day 2 on the water for morning fishing!  I love going fishing but Carly & I do not last long in the "gulf of Mexico".  I get motion sickness so easily and Carly does too.  It's worth it to see this sunrise for me though.
 As tired as we were I knew I better get a jump on lunches for the week.  I put together 1/2 c brown rice, roasted kale and a salmon filet for myself.
 I made this easy broccoli & bacon salad for sissy.

Breakfast is the one area I don't do good skipping but I also suck at preparing.  These are not nearly as pretty as the ones I've see on Pinteresst but other than that I'm super excited! 

That's about it for our week!  It was fun and relaxing.  

For the 2nd time in a week I have been in the middle of typing a blog post, drifted off to sleep and woke up typing something that had zero to do with the blogpost!  Such crazy.  Maybe I need to meet here.  Like that for instance...that last sentence was not suppose to be  Time for bed! 

Hope you all have a super week ahead!  

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