Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Friday Favorites

Between recovering from a trip and the cold weather again this week, all I have really wanted to do was curl up in bed with a good book and sleep.  The "show" (and let's be real there are days this family life feels that way) must go on!

Follow along for my random selection of Friday favorites!  

{Fave Songs} - I don't know about you guys but some good music can change my mood immediately.  I cannot get enough of these two songs and watching the videos just made me love both even more.  They have been on constant replay this week bringing me some happy!  Two things I've always wanted to be able to do in life...sing..and dance and these songs make me feel (for that brief moment in my car alone) like I can do both.  

{Fave Date} - On Wednesday I snuck off to a GNO dinner with Holly at our favorite little Italian restaurant.  It was just what I needed to get over humpday.  Sometimes iPhones are awesome and then sometimes they just fail you when you really want a great picture.  While we do both have big hands compared to most women, we laughed so hard at the size our hands appear to be in this picture!!  I'm wearing my new field jacket from Nordstrom and I love it.  It actually comes in Navy too and you can find it here or in olive or grey here and it is still on sale!  Needing a blue jean jacket like Holly's?  An option from Old Navy here.  
{Fave Dinner} - I made roast this week....twice!  On Wednesday I popped a roast with carrots and potatoes in the crockpot to deliver that evening to some friends.  When I walked in from work it smelled so darn good and for a brief second I considered keeping it and whipping up some spaghetti for them instead.  So Thursday morning I popped another roast in the crockpot and we enjoyed it last night with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Roast is such an easy option in the crockpot and for years I thought the meat had to be thawed first but now I just throw it in frozen with some beef stock and seasoning and move on with my day.  

{Fave Moment} - Having a 13 year old is always interesting and you just never know what you are going to get on a daily basis.  I arrived home about 2am on Monday from my trip to Arizona (recap here) and had not seen my Littles since I dropped them at school on Thursday.  When I woke Dillon on Monday morning he smiled the sweetest smile and immediately kissed me.  It seriously melted my heart.  Have I mentioned how this kid is growing like almost overnight right now?  He has gained 20 pounds and grown about 3 inches since school started!!  We are officially eye to eye.  

{Fave Magazines} - I have not had a magazine subscription in years but my sweet niece had a fundraiser at school so I decided to snag a couple.  I pretty much read most everything in digital form but I love to actually turn the pages and with so much baseball in my future these make a much easier option to carry around.  These are two of my very favorites to read . 
One {un}favorite thing this week....please say a prayer for my mother-in-law.  She has not been feeling great this past week and we received some not so perfect news yesterday.  More tests today and we are hoping they have a course of action that will get her back on track.  She is one of the most selfless people I know with the biggest heart for her family and I sure don't like to see her feeling so down.  

Have a great weekend!  Hoping it is our last cold and dreary one for a while.  

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Styling Between Seasons

Here in Texas the weather continues to be a big 'ol tease!  We have had a taste of springlike weather only to swing right back to highs in the 30's.  As if that wasn't enough I took a quick trip to Arizona where the weather was absolutely perfect which definitely has me thinking about shedding all these layers.  

I did want to share this outfit.  I purchased this sweater at Forever 21 in November...yes November....and just wasn't feeling it but missed the return date.  It has been seriously sitting in a basket in my closet all winter just looking for a chance to prove me wrong.  I happened across Lauren McBrides Snow Day post here and knew it was worth a try!  I so love how this looks and am only sad it took me so long to pull it together! 
Forever 21 Sweater exact here//Denim Shirt similar here//Pointe Pants here

I always try to layer when traveling just in case the plane is cold or I'm stuck at the airport longer than expected.  On travel day I chose my military jacket, Hudson jeans (currently on sale!) and a new striped top from J. Crew Factory that will be perfect heading into spring.  Believe it or not my new purse was large enough to pack my Macbook, a book and other little necessities.  
J. Crew Factory T-shirt exact here

I wore my favorite Bobeau cardigan (also still on sale!) and a striped Gap T-shirt for our trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was warm in Tempe but only 50 degrees once we climbed to 6000 feet so I knew I would need to layer.  
The rest of our time in Tempe was beautiful and perfect shorts weather.  I have previously professed my love for J. Crew and J. Crew Factory shorts (I wear the 5") and I purchased a few new pair for this trip and our upcoming trip to California.  I am always looking for tops that will work for TCU baseball games and found this little popover which is lightweight but the longer sleeves offer some protection from the sun.  
Exact shirt here//Shorts here//Converse here
**Use Code HurrySpring for 30% off your order at J. Crew Factory**

I also wore this outfit to the game on Sunday and swapped the shorts for my Vigoss boyfriend jeans for the plane ride home.  
Chambray Shorts here//Similar top here and this one would be a great spring option!!!//Nude flats similar here

While we will probably usher winter weather out with February, we will still have light layers into May.  I ordered this jacket, which is still on sale at Nordstrom, and it arrived today.  It is an adorable fit!  If you need a lightweight jacket I would highly recommend this one.  
Link here

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Unpacking Arizona

We made it to our hotel in Tempe, AZ and worked on preparing my mom for an early departure Friday morning to head on a little road trip to see the Grand Canyon!  To say Nana has a hard time making decisions is an under statement so just picking an outfit can be an event.  I ran out to grab coffee and received this message from Jordan!  We were already 30 minutes past our planned departure.  
Thankfully that was just a little hiccup and we hit the road soon after.  We traveled up I-17 and then shot over to Sedona on a more scenic route. Sedona was a precious little town and I wish we would have had a little time to explore a little more.   These red rocks were so beautiful.  
Arizona Vacation
 So glad my mom got to take this all in!  
From Sedona we took route 89A which is a scenic route through Oak Creek Canyon and climbs from about 4500 feet to 6000 feet on a beautiful winding road.  You can find more information about this scenic route here.   I'm loving this picture with Jordan's reflection in the mirror.  
There were seriously some moments that literally took our breaths away as we came around a bend in the road.  
We stopped at a scenic rest stop to soak in a little more beauty at the top and were able to talk another visitor into taking a picture for us!  
We then headed to Flagstaff and on to the Grand Canyon.  
Arizona Vacation
Arizona Vacation
Arizona Vacation
Jordan is seriously afraid of heights....and umm..dying....and she was really freaking out at the people across the way who had walked out onto the rock.  I'm sure it was probably much wider than it appears from where we are standing but she seriously could not take watching them walk around out there.
I stepped over some rocks to take an outfit of the day pic and I promise I'm like 5 feet from the edge of the canyon and I thought we were going to have to get the girl a chill pill in a hurry.  
Arizona Vacation
We drove back into town and stopped at a little mexican restaurant, Playa Bonita, and Jordan immediately insisted on a margarita to calm her nerves!    
The food was delish and hit the spot and we hit the road back to Phoenix. We traveled straight interstate on the way back to make it in time for the first game!  
These signs along the interstate are a little unnerving!  Sure am glad I didn't see any runaway trucks. It was definitely a little different coming down from 6000 ft than it was going up.  

We made it back in time to watch a great game.  TCU took game one 3-0 and everyone was happy!  It was pretty late and we had a long day so we grabbed a quick bite to eat with Riley at the Mellow Mushroom on Mill Avenue and headed to bed.  

Saturday morning we slept a little later and headed to Mill Avenue to find a patio for lunch and enjoyed the beautiful Arizona weather.  We settled on the Gordon Biersch Brewery which had an upstairs patio.  
Arizona Vacation
Arizona Vacation
Our waiter was super friendly and helped us choose a beer.  I love trying out beers at local breweries and this one did not disappoint.  I didn't realize this restaurant is actually a chain and has lots of locations until returning home but that didn't change my mind it was still a great choice. To see if there is a location in your area visit the website here.  
Arizona Vacation
 This girl doesn't even realize her true beauty.  My first baby that stole my heart.  
Arizona Vacation
We decided to share a few small plate items.  Our first choice were these little lobster & blue crab melts.  Here is how they were described on the menu:  our signature mix of lobster and jumbo blue crab topped with havarti cheese and bacon on butter-toasted sourdough bread. served with cajun remoulade and a fresh chive garnish.  Holy moly these suckers were delicious!  

We couldn't pass on the "legendary" garlic fries which were also delish and we tacked on these little grass fed beef sliders complete with arugula, tomato and brie.   
 A beautiful, perfect start to our day!  
Arizona Vacation
Back to the ballpark and it was another really close game but unfortunately the Frogs didn't come out on top this time.  ASU won 7-6.  
Arizona Vacation
Back to Mill Avenue for dinner and drinks on the patio at Z'Tejas.  It was so nice to be able to enjoy so much outdoor dining.  I'm so ready for spring here in Texas! They serve melt in your mouth cast iron skillet cornbread that was just too good to pass up and no time for a picture because we ate it so quickly!!  The Chambord margaritas were perfect and Mom & I shared these yummy fish tacos.
Arizona Vacation
These two make me so proud!  I don't even think they realize how much they helped shape me into the person I am today.  
Arizona Vacation
We enjoyed a few shops along Mill Avenue before heading back to our hotel.  

Last morning in Tempe and we headed for a quick brunch at Postinos. Some of our Tempe friends joined us and we enjoyed mimosas and some great breakfast food.  I failed to take my big camera in so unfortunately my pictures stink.  
Jordan had the farm scramble:  Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes scrambled with fresh eggs, herbs, onions, gruyere and white cheddar served with mixed greens and tomato salad.  I tasted a bite and was so having food envy!  
Mom and I chose the Morning Scramble:  Two eggs your style, bacon, walnut toast and roasted potatoes.  It was tasty but nothing mind blowing.  The walnut toast and jam, however, was a little different and I could have eaten more!  
Back to the ballpark for a 12:30 game and another day of gorgeous weather.  
The hardest thing about Riley being a closer is we just never know when he might be called into the game.  I've seen him come in all three games in a weekend once but typically he will only come in once or twice max.  I knew when I booked this trip we were taking a chance that we might not even get to see him come in and I knew after he didn't pitch on Friday or Saturday that we would more than likely miss him unless the game moved super quick.  Of course we tied the game and he was beginning to get loose and we had to head to the airport.  Here are the pictures I took of my handsome boy.  
TCU scored a run in the top of the 9th to gain the lead 3-2 and Riley came in to pitch the bottom 9 and earned a save!  So we missed the ending of the game and because I delayed leaving until the last possible second.....we also missed our flight!  Thankfully we made it onto the next flight standby and arrived back home about 2am Texas time.  

It was a quick trip but we saw some beautiful sites and I enjoyed the time I spent with my Bigs and my mom.  

Arizona was beautiful!  Definitely hoping to go back for a longer stay with the rest of the family.  

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Queen's Chronicles - Week 8

Another week come and gone and we packed in some fun this week!  

I started the week off with lunch at Jason's Deli with my co-workers.  I have been craving a soft serve ice cream cone for weeks and finally this happened!  I just want to point out how good I am at making these cones.....pretty sure my days working at Larry's Poor Boy paid off. 
Tuesday Keith requested chicken noodle soup and it sounded too good to pass up.  I used a rotisserie chicken and found the wishbone.  I always remember making a wish at my Meme's house but this was a first with this girl.  Hope her wish comes true!  
Carly loves making little notes for her family and Wednesday I came in to find this one.  So precious and just steals my heart every single time.  
 I may have just been a little wound up about my trip and in a hurry on Thursday morning.  My co-worker was kind enough to finally ask if I realized I was wearing two different earrings.  
 We hit the road from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon early Friday morning and it was so worth the drive!  
 Dinner after game two in Arizona.  Love my time with my Bigs.  
Last day in Arizona.  I knew when I booked this trip we were taking a chance that we might not see Riley pitch and we didn't....but we should have just stayed and watched the exciting 9th inning because I pushed the limit and we missed our flight anyway!  Riley came in and closed and earned a big save. TCU took the series 2-1...Go Frogs!!  

Hoping to get home on the next flight.....missing my man and my littles!  Seems like every awesome vacation has a few quirks....thankful I am flexible! 

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